ZTE V956

ZTE V956 quad core small cyclone with Qualcomm snapdragon Snapdragon MSM8225Q (1.2GHz) processor speed is not fast, 4.3 inch big screen playing a movie is cool! Post 5000000 pre 300000 dual camera with LED flash photography is more clear. ZTE V956 appearance design is concise, a 4.5 inch capacitive touch screen positive, with a resolution of 480x854 pixels, the back has a 5000000 pixel camera, picture quality is good. The built-in intelligent operating system Androi 4.1, application of the rich. Run a memory with a quad core processor and 512MB a 1.2GHz frequency, daily control very smoothly. ZTE U956 adopts the design straight touch main body design, simple fashion. Positive is a 5 inch screen, resolution of 1280x720 pixels, image quality is clear and delicate. The http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v956-smartphone-msm8225q-quad-core-android-41-3g-gps-45-inch-ips-screen-p80917.html inner body is equipped with a 1.2GHz frequency of the quad core processor, with mainstream Android intelligent system, the control flow. Plus post a 8000000 pixel camera, contains the LED light, the imaging quality is very good.

Laser Projection Keyboard

In the creative imagination, laser projection keyboard South Korean some company launched the greater is the principle, the keyboard is very simple -- is through the laser projection of a full keyboard, you can through the virtual keyboard typing work completed. This set is mainly composed of laser light and a camera, wherein laser light used to release the laser flat on the desktop, and the camera is used to capture the user's hand movements. It does not take up too much space and can complete real-time rendering a full keyboard function, however, laser projection keyboard there is no real tactile feedback, this may be one of the people who use it to the biggest obstacle, but it's creative spirit is worth affirmation. Of course, the keyboard is not only the http://www.pandawill.com/mini-bluetooth-laser-projection-keyboard-white-p83054.html world above, more and more advanced in science today, more and more creative and intelligent keyboard appear in front of users, like a blanket can easily folding soft keyboard, can be tied on the arm wrist keyboard, to some extent alleviate fatigue proof keyboard fatigue...... There is no best, only better, so it is in the world the keyboard. Now to introduce a novel computer full sense of science and technology, its shape is like a very ordinary flashlight, it is through the laser projection technology advanced, the keyboard and display were projected onto the desktop on both sides!

ZTE V967s

Now the domestic mobile phone brand with the international gap is more and more narrow. Excellent workmanship, reasonable price, is loved by the people. Domestic intelligent mobile phone, the V967S is a very good sales of big screen, run quickly V967S with 960x540 resolution screen 5 inch, MediaTek MT6589 quad core processor is equipped with a 1.2GHz frequency, 1GB RAM+4GB ROM, and a 5000000 megapixel rear camera. ZTE's V967S with Android OS 4.1 operating system, support GSM, WCDMA network, and built-in GPS, support A-GPS, very convenient. ZTE V967S with straight touch other, the main screen is 5 inches of material for the IPS, 950*540 pixel resolution, pixel density 220ppi is relatively clear, no sense of particles. Support for dual http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v967s-smartphone-android-42-mtk6589-quad-core-5-inch-ips-screen-1gb-4gb-p80693.html card dual mode, and the switch is convenient, easy to distinguish between two kinds of life. T6589 quad core processor core, MediaTek supplied for 28nm process Cortex A7 ultra low power structure, comprehensive functions and energy saving. Behind the fuselage with a 5000000 pixel camera, can meet the user's daily shooting. ZTE V967S price is very high, have the be ultra-thin fuselage, fashionable appearance and strong hardware configuration, the hardware is equipped with two MT6589 quad core processor MediaTek, equipped with 1GB RAM memory,


According to the latest foreign media news show, Zhuopu big black overseas edition models ZP990 went on sale in Germany, American etc. in August 5th, with black, white dichromatic optional, in the sale of a total of two version, 2G+32G version costs $369.99, or about 2265 yuan; the 1G+16G version costs $339.99, equivalent to 2081 yuan.

The foreign version of Joop big black ZP990 configuration of 6 inch FHD screen, 13000000 +500wan pixel camera, equipped with MT6589T quad core processor, Android 4.2 original system. According to the configuration and price comparison Zhuopu black, white and Zhuopu small gesture to guess, Zhuopu big black China edition price is likely to be slightly lower than the foreign price, perhaps in order to better use experience, the domestic version will be focused on the introduction of large capacity 32G version, Xiaobian speculation is http://www.pandawill.com/zopo-zp990-smartphone-60-inch-fhd-screen-2gb-32gb-mtk6589t-ota-otg-ogs-p78378.html expected to price 2000 yuan. From the current news, Zhuopu big black overseas version of the configuration of ZP990 and the domestic version differs not quite, 6 inch 1080p screen and MTK6589 quad core processor, also equipped with 13000000 +500 megapixel camera, different domestic Zhuopu big black with Ali's new cloud OS operating system, Zhuopu big black the overseas version is the native Android 4.2, memory, in order to better use experience, is likely to focus on the introduction of large capacity 32G version. According to Joop official said, Zhuopu big black Chinese version will be released in August 8th, launched the big screen Zhuopu big black, may replace the flat, become the new trend of large screen lovers consumption.


Entertainment applications plate has been dominant, but with a tablet computer in the people daily life more and more widely used, for the practical requirements of flat or higher. Whether to support the GPS function, this requirement also began to flat paper. The current domestic market, to support the GPS function and accurate positioning of the product less and less. Products and perfect platinum in careful debugging, smooth will present its first GPS PiPO M7pro tablet to the vast number of consumers. This 8.9 inch Full HD flat screen with Samsung PLS is the comprehensive performance of the strongest, most functional products of. Flat computer supports GPS function, is still very rare, require a higher technical support. GPS module is very sensitive, very high anti-interference requirements. In order to support the http://www.pandawill.com/pipo-m7-3g-quad-core-rk3188-tablet-pc-89-inch-android-42-2gb-ram-16gb-bluetooth-gps-black-p78515.html GPS function, design engineer for M7pro platinum were adjusted to optimize a lot of, especially the design of electromagnetic shielding, M7pro is at the forefront of the domestic flat-panel computer. M7pro GPS how to? We pass a software "map navigation" experience.

"Map" is the navigation for mobile electronic product development of a map navigation software, has a powerful location search and route query function, can quickly find restaurants, hotels, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, gas station and the surrounding living facilities, and can choose bus, driving, walking three path planning methods. We also provide professional real voice navigation, quickly and accurately will take you to the destination.





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