ViewSonic ViewPad 7Q

After ViewPad7D global video technology leading brand American ViewSonic (ViewSonic) latest smart call flat Viewpad 7Q again officially listed. This product with ViewPad7D has escalated in the configuration, the MTK8389 quad core processor of Cortex-A7 architecture, high frequency to 1.2GHz, performance is stronger; system adopts the most new Android 4.2 smartphone operating system, run more smoothly; especially the built-in GSM 4 frequency A-TV analog TV module, network television, entertainment function more rich and colorful. ViewSonic ViewPad 7Q as the dual card dual standby intelligent communication flat, at present already officially listed, very suitable for young people to buy fashion the latest digital technology abnormal love. ViewSonic ViewPad 7Q using MTK8389 quad core processor of Cortex-A7 architecture, configuration PowerVR 544MP2 multi-core GPU and 2D/3D graphics engine, a 40% performance improvement. 1GB RAM and 16GB Flash memory, and support 32GB TF card, easy to deal with massive data, whether the game, television or mobile office can enjoy HD experience.


Sekretariat Jenderal Pendidikan Islam menyelenggarakan "Penguatan Tenaga Pengelola Data Pendidikan Tahun 2008", pada tanggal 25 s/d 27 Agustus 2008, bertempat di Hotel Cendana Surabaya. Kegiatan dibuka oleh Dirjend Pendidikan Islam diwakili oleh Kakanwil Depag Jawa Timur. Nara sumber pertama memaparkan topik “ Perkembangan dan Peran ICT dalam mendukung Sistem Manajemen Data Pendidikan” oleh Dr. Syopiansyah Jaya Putra, kemudian dilanjutkan oleh Rosidin, Ssi, MM mewakili Kepala Pinmas mengenai “ Arah Kebijakan Pemgembangan ICT Departemen Agama”. Pemateri lainnya membahas “Pemutakhiran Data dan Informasi Pendidikan Islam” oleh Yudi Wibisono, MT, kemudian dilanjutkan dengan pembahasan “Peran Data Pendidikan Islam (EMIS) dalam mendukung Impelementasi Kebijakan Direktorat PAI pada sekolah” oleh Drs. Firdaus john topik mengenai “Penerapan metoda pendataan efektif dan efisien”, oleh Ir. Agus Purwoto, M.Si.Kegiatan sekaligus untuk mensosialisasikan dan distribusi format pendataan Lembaga Pendidikan Islam dilakukan oleh Tim EMIS. (ssy).
You can see the particular various kinds of contains prepared about pre-paid mobile mobile phone applications web websites, and usually asking the choices along with promotions support assistance workers’ when they have usually obtained regardless of offers in the marketplace. Usually they will certainly need an outstanding ideal research more than ever before financial debt showing with these males that you usually are usually capable to unique promotion, a few of that your marvelous came to a promotional netmail or perhaps delivering in linked with.
Remove the cell phone's power supply and also other detachable pieces in situation your mobile phone soaks up water. Put them on top of a dry surface where they won’t get splashed on. Provide your pieces a day or two for them to dry out fully. Wrap it and its removable places in an absorbent towel. You may also put them in a bowl of uncooked rice, as the kernels soak up water effectively. Ensure that the internal components are totally dry before switching the mobile mobile phone on. Never utilize a blow clothing dryer. This will create the issue a whole lot more intense by pushing droplets water into the cell phone's recesses.

Digital Camcorders

HVR-Z5C is Sony HD camcorder on a professional level, it is equipped with a G level Sony professional optical zoom lens, for 20 times, the equivalent focal length is 29.5-590mm (16:9). Z5C can be selected independently of the CF storage card unit, the HDV HD and SD formats such as DVCAM recorded in the CF card Sony HVR-Z5C HD camcorder on a professional level, it is equipped with a G level Sony professional optical zoom lens, for 20 times, the equivalent focal length is 29.5-590mm (16:9). Z5C can be selected independently of the CF storage card unit, the HDV HD and SD formats such as DVCAM recorded in the CF card Sony high-end DVD digital camera DCR-DVD805E also walk and come, let DVD digital camera market showing a fresh breath. Understanding of digital camera consumer knows, Sony last year listed DVD digital camera DCR-DVD803E created numerous brilliant, has made numerous honors, market sales situation is also very gratifying, consumers have been generally recognized. A movie camera not to heavy camera products, light body still has strong flow specifications still occupy a certain market. Panasonic released their latest 3CMOS camera AG-AC90 AVCCAM. The AG-AC90 uses a fixed camera, memory is used in double SD slot specifications, and can support their UHS-1 memory card products (of course, SDXC and SDHC can successfully support it).

Laser Projection Keyboard

OFweek laser net news: early in January 31st this year, apple won a laser depth identification technology, between measurement and distance of the object and the object depth by laser and image sensor. Apple the patent applications in virtual keyboard and camera automatic focusing technique.

Apple the patent lists a series to the application of the technology of scene. For example, the system can create a two-dimensional representation for the surface chart, or a particular object. In addition, the system can embed computers or mobile devices, such as apple iPhone. The invention can also "apple and projection control panel with" used to create the virtual keyboard or other virtual control equipment, such as specific spectral projected onto the object surface. In addition, the patent also supports the physical system processing function -- simple said, is when the numbers are projected to the one hand, the other hand you can click on it.

In the limbs or other plane virtual project a touchpad, this is a crazy idea. But in recent Google announced that they are to apply this concept design patent, so as to ensure its future will be available in Project Glass this glasses.

The system requires a small laser projector mounted mirror legs in Google glasses, so as to achieve the projected QWERTY keyboard and other button in the other plane. Then the built-in camera and processor Google glasses can be interpreted in the projection area of finger on the button control, and further into the program command

Digital Cameras

From the aspect of Nikon configuration, D800E configuration of optical viewfinder and a 920000 pixel 3.2 inch LCD 100% field of view, and equipped with the 135 SLR highest 36300000 pixel CMOS sensor, with the new EXPEED 3 image processor, image quality is very good. At the same time, D800 also fully inherited the top model D4 51 point autofocus system, 91000 pixel RGB sensor system, the revolutionary progress in scene recognition performance. D800 ISO is in the range of 100-6400, the scalable 50-25600. Canon S120 uses a 1/1.7 inch 12000000 pixel, back illuminated CMOS image sensor, the 5 optical zoom lens made many improvements, using a new DIGIC6 image processor and intelligent IS anti shake system HS SYSTEM. In addition, Canon S120 S110 WiFi wireless sharing function in the optimization at the same time, to further upgrade the video mode. Overall, S120 is a high-quality professional user oriented quality demand and tendency of the compact body. Compared to S110, Canon S120 camera is almost not adjusted, even with the same period the release of S200 in addition to models, distinguish very hard to see nongraphite stickers Canon difference -- is still a three section type lens, the traditional identification, type and function of WiFi, another focus assist small lights. A similar body shape can be understood, after all, is a conventional product upgrades. From the back view appears before and S110 did not change, but careful friends will find here has made significant upgrades -- yes, it is seemingly without increasing the display, or 3 inch full touch screen pixel, but has been upgraded to the 920000 pixel, touch screen this upgrade to bring better. In addition, the touch screen is a capacitive screen, support the two touch, can use finger click Select focus, or playback photos with your fingers to zoom in, like the use of mobile phone. Similar to the operating speed before the.

Android Tablet PC

Android os tablets certainly are a impressive product new type of Computer that appear like a set, black standing. Since they consist of usually of 1 big observe it can create all of them excellent for surfing around, viewing video segments and also studying books.

Chennai: Technology firm iberry has released two new designs of tablets prepared with third creation (3G) subscriber recognition component (SIM) spots to make phone phone calls and on the internet surfing around.
The fourth tip I consider speaks about the details that creates your mini tablet exclusive. First you have to examine the storage area space, the traditional tablets have from 2 Gb to 64 Gb highest possible. More guidelines to concern are the lifestyle cycle of battery power (over four hours is regarded a excellent battery power life), the sound system should include presenter, ear phones adaptor, mic input and the facility to connect external sound system. You also have to examine if the information, the laptop key pad, factor keep and stylus pen are really necessary for you, or you are paying too much for certain components. Always remember that you can buy them independently, saving a excellent sum of cash.
If you are cost-conscious then you can wish to open up a few account levels out with big on the internet retailers whom generally provide you all of these measurements Cellular tablets. The gap between web purchasing throughout retailers is that you can create a tremendous reducing although just the need to wait a few several weeks associated with supply.


The fuselage design practical compact the millet mobile phone is always welcome, today I will introduce to you the millet mobile phone have red appearance design gorgeous, strong internal configuration, the flow speed, are consumers favorite spot. Now the millet mobile phone mobile phone use red rice red again arrive straight body design, the overall design of the body All blend into one harmonious whole., very simple, is equipped with a 4.7 inch 720p screen, use the IPS material, very low power consumption. Red mobile phone built-in quad core processor, with a frequency of 1.5GHz, a very good performance. The machine is equipped with MIUI V5 system, plus post 8000000 pixel camera, it can give users a good experience. As a new mobile phone industry, millet mobile phone with a powerful hardware configuration, low prices welcome by consumer, millet, and Tencent, China Mobile released the latest red mobile phone products, is currently the most popular pay most attention to a mobile phone, mobile phone has a 4.7 inch red 1280*720 resolution high-definition screen, with frequency is MediaTek MT6589T quad core processor 1.5GHz, 8000000 pixel camera main, the built-in 1GB memory operation and 4GB storage space, maximum support 32GB Micro-SD memory card, support TD-SCDMA and GSM dual card dual standby, equipped with a 2000 MAH lithium battery, run the MIUI V5 system.

Digital Picture Frames

CX92735 is compatible with the industry standard audio specifications including MPEG-4 and MP3, and using 289-pin BGA ball grid array package delivery, other features include high resolution LCD controller, support HD high resolution as well as the main digital video interface; equipped with two USB 2 host controller, with high-speed two-way data transmission is stable and highly integrated memory interface support; main memory card and security digital input and output (SDIO) expansion selection, design of elastic manufacturers provide higher; and to support the Linux and ThreadX operating system.

Digital photo frame with the on-line network capacity and interactive display a variety of changes in appearance, including sound amplifying function, telephone, VoIP telephone network and digital photo frame and so on, they can be used in a wide variety of image, sound, voice and digital signage applications, for example, digital photo frame with the on-line network capabilities can be applied in the family used to hold free VoIP network phone text messages, call, and through the network to obtain and browse news, recipes, including weather and traffic information.

Other applications include interactive information station, POS sales terminals, baby monitors and home automation, security and surveillance systems, digital photo frame more part of wireless network operators began to let users with online function through the mobile phone network to receive information.

Car DVD Player

Home theater audio system "super heavyweight Tianyi HD 4 set GQ-4", this set of home theater system has a low-key luxury appearance, and the sound effect of the super shock and surging, can not only bring you the level of audio and video entertainment audio-visual experience, but also improve your Home Furnishing environment atmosphere, from the visual and auditory bring the double shock experience. A lot of friends and even vendors are starting to think about a problem. A small Bluetooth speakers, want to succeed, want to win user acceptance. So the core of this product is solid technology, or attractive appearance. Not only is this problem puzzling the manufacturers, so that it will not lower positioning of its products. At the same time also confused consumers, so that it does not know which products to buy. So today Xiaobian personal point of view to explain the core Bluetooth small speaker products is the outward appearance or technology. Now, an aging population is more serious, with the rising number of elderly, society for their attention in recent years are also increasing, as children, for their elders on the body of the concern, also should be the health of their body and mind more attention, now young people life and work is very busy, often not much time to accompany their parents or grandparents, so their spiritual life quality should be worthy of our attention. As we all know, in the elderly population in addition to watch TV, tend not to use the high-tech products, such as intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and so on, their entertainment life style is often very simple, and usually no children accompany, a long time is often mental state will become depressed, and this is the form of music in the elderly population is favorite pastimes are, in this regard may be more children attention.

Here comes our theme today "outdoor portable audio", we all know that in the elderly population out is very like to listen to the radio, but the old radio is too old and heavy, not convenient to carry out, and we recently from the market for old friends collecting and screening of 5 very good outdoor portable audio, we give emphasis introduced here, the children take advantage of this opportunity to the elder his honor, then we will get to know the 5 portable audio.

Digital Picture Frames

Casio TR350 using the touch screen 3 inch 920000 pixel, to facilitate viewing will look back at photos. Image sensor using about 12100000 effective pixels, 1/2.3 inch high backside illuminated CMOS, with 21mm ultra wide-angle lens, overhead when the face will appear and more slender figure. EXILIM high speed engine is Casio characteristics, so that the machine in the shooting and processing have reached high speed, in addition, a number of art filters so that the photographer can easily create their own personality works; and multi image super resolution technology, photo details level has the very big promotion. Casio TR350 like Chanel, let a lot of girls. Casio TR350 self time God is a new generation of again, flexibility in comprehensive upgrade, in the fuselage frame, with the shutter button, holding frame, fingers can press frame shutter to achieve self. In the intelligent component, the machine can shoot through intelligent mobile phone remote control, also can through the wireless LAN function quickly get photos to the designated mobile phone. With the impact of mobile phone era, people have been accustomed to "small but excellent" photo media. There is no doubt the performance DSLR, but it is easy to become the heavy burden of travel "". How to satisfy the travelers for image record demand, and for their luggage weight loss? A convenient, lightweight telephoto digital camera is undoubtedly the best choice, the trial of the European DC-G35 telephoto camera is a camera. Sensor Ouda DC-G35 telephoto camera is equipped with a 20000000 pixel, the material for the CCD. In the part of the lens, the European DC-G35 is equipped with a support 35 times optical zoom lens, the equivalent focal length up to 25mm to 875mm, absolutely meet most of the demand for and the focal length. Body size is 128 x 86.1 x 90.9mm, the total weight is about 450g, the weight I think even female users can easily get along well with.

ASUS Memo Pad HD 7

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 dual card version is Asus fusion work, the mobile phone, tablet of advantage innovation integration. As 3G flat, 3G module of ASUS MeMO Pad 7 dual card version on the GSM/WCDMA network communication, convenient for users to surf the Webpage, watch online video, send and receive mail, let mobile life more fun; as 3G mobile phone, the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 Asus dual card version supports 2 Micro SIM card at the same time, standby, a key switch easily, is convenient for the user to selectively make phone calls, send text messages, with double camera and high quality speaker, more convenience for video call! With high efficiency and strong Asus quad core processor, ASUS MeMO Pad 7 dual card version with a strong and stable performance and power, from small to large leisure game 3D game can run smoothly, with powerful GPU decoding performance, also makes the 1080 P HD video playback smoother. High performance, low power consumption, while ensuring the performance at the same time, ASUS MeMO Pad 7 dual card version can effectively control the power consumption and heat, highest can achieve 36 hours of continuous 3G calls and 13 hours of video playback, ensure that all power free. Video display, ASUS MeMO Pad 7 dual card version of the Asus exclusive "A+ screen" visual solutions, high resolution, ultra wide angle, Splendid splendid, sensitive 10 touch as a whole, give users extra ordinary HD experience: 1280 × 800 high resolution 7 inch IPS screen display effect is clear, delicate; can automatically adjust the color temperature of parameter Splendid is splendid, is convenient for the user to choose the most suitable quality; coupled with the Asus exclusive SonicMaster bel canto masters and Maxx Audio audio system, a comprehensive upgrade experience.

Laser Projection Keyboard

Mobile phone is more advanced, the configuration is more and more high, short board keyboard to come out, the finger to rub to which a full sized keyboard! But the ordinary Bluetooth keyboard size too large, not good with swollen? Estimation of many students know the laser projection keyboard? A magic box to keyboard onto the desktop, optical recognition of advanced and then start, start typing, together with the super science fiction movie feeling.

South Korea Celluon brand third generation laser projection keyboard Epic, small volume and portability, as long as there is a smooth opaque desktop can whenever and wherever possible, a full-size virtual keyboard, then do not have to with great care in mobile phone screen kneading ~ Epic can identify the finger movements, realize the mouse click, double-click, right click and drag action, can be applied to mobile phone, tablet, PC and MAC system. This watch is actually very Agasa Hakase design as Conan gadgets demeanor, it is called the "peace", can GPS positioning, and bidirectional communication function, and the mobile phone is very similar, but the call is very convenient, as long as the press of a button you can call the specified relatives, but to charge service fees, at the same time as long as connected via Bluetooth and body weight, blood pressure detector, it can transfer these data, so that the elderly and children families can more easily take care of their family, is said to have people to their own pets also bought one, at least it won't run lost.

Mini Alpha

I have bought one TABLET PC on Dec.2, 2012 and provide on 09.12.2012. I have ordered “Ambrane A 77”Model, with the configurations of “1.5 Ghz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Inner Storage area, 1.3 mega-pixel photographic digital camera,” , Which is also you have described in your Money Delivery Invoice. But I am shocked with receiving the Program (Box) which talking about the same configurations but within the parcel, the actual instrument (TABLET PC) was different which is neither as per my und nor as per your Money Delievery Invoice.
You can see that the difference of the cold colour and warmed colour between the two shows through the display of the actual example. The iPad 4 warmed display colour revealed more actual, while Onda V972 quad primary is too gorgeous and the symbol looks unnaturally. But it’s depends on personal preference. After all, most people are fond of the icreased colour decrease performance of AMOLED, IPS display cannot be like this.

In viewpoint position evaluate, the lighting of the two pills has been transformed to the highest. At each position, image is shown very obvious and the two shows has no discoloration, retina shows have a well-deserved reputation.
"When we determined to style a item from the ground up, we did it to make a phenomenal encounter for cellular players. By mixing the best of PC and film activity experiencing with Ms ms windows 8, we've designed a real activity experiencing item," said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative home. "Clearly, the critical acclaim and community support the Razer Advantages has enjoyed indicates we hit the mark. Now, we get to celebrate the fact of what was formerly a dream with the audiences for which this innovative item was designed."

Digital Cameras

In 2010, the market appeared a wearable digital camera, called "Looxcie". Shape design such as large camera Bluetooth headset, able to HVGA resolution (320 x 480 pixels at 15 frames per second), recording video, at the same time to upload video to iOS or Android devices via bluetooth. Unfortunately, as the design of Bluetooth headset is very inconvenient, and ultimately failed to gain market recognition. Looxcie this year, the company launched the third generation product, it is like a small digital camera, get rid of the awkward body, supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and is able to record video format, 720P resolution at 30 frames per second, the overall feeling more attractive.

Looxcie 3 volume is small, the weight is only 22 grams, wearing no burden in the neck. The left side of the fuselage design with micro USB interface and a micro SDXC memory card slot (64GB max), the power and mode /Wi-Fi button, the top is the shutter. Press the shutter can be 720P resolution video, at the same time also can capture still images; interestingly, press the mode button to create a 30 second video clip. In addition, the built-in battery can record up to 90 minutes of recording. Yes, it can be used as a recording pen. Because of the support of the Wi-Fi function, you can also use Looxcie 3 is connected to the Android or iOS device through the App camera, remote control, can also be used as private mobile streaming media devices. From the actual situation, the generated MP4 video looks good, enough to cope with the daily record demand.

USB PC Camera

This E6 is a very good big screen intelligent mobile phone, simple design adopts the all-in-one, thin body design is only 7.9MM, 5 inch screen match, 2.54mm ultra narrow frame design, is a larger screen. In addition, it has dual camera design for the post 13000000 pixels + pre 5000000 pixels, these alone is enough to attract consumers attention. Jin E6 positive 5 inch IPS screen, resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. The rear camera is 13000000 pixels, F2.2 aperture, 75 ° wide-angle camera, a front facing camera also reached 5000000 pixels and F2.4 aperture and 75 ° angle. Both before and after the camera has the ability of imaging. This machine also has a gravity sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope, distance sensor, 3D accelerating function. Jin E6 in performance on collocation is also very good, with a quad core processor, a 1.5GHz, and equipped with 32GB ROM+2GB RAM, the machine running smoothly. Launch the new Android OS 4.2 operating system, machine both in the game and HD video can easily be delicate appearance, mainstream configuration, the Jin E6 is really cost-effective choice. Jin E6 as a domestic mobile phone, the front 5000000 pixel camera is currently on the market does not see more, and it has a large aperture and wide field, will have good promotion effect on shoot.


Anthony Levandowski always want to do some cool things. When the first grade at Berkeley University, he provides an intranet service in the apartment, received $50000 annual income. In two, he used the LEGO made machine won the national robot competition. After joining Google, he worked as a street and a map database architect. Now, his main work is the automatic driving vehicle.

If you Google automatic driving vehicle project understanding, may know the key role of Sebastian Thrun. His excellent performance in the DAPRA automatic vehicle driving competition, attracted the attention of the Google. Later, he became the head of Google automatic driving vehicle project, and gave birth to Google X laboratory. Now, Google self driving cars have logged millions of kilometers, there are no accident. However, in difficult conditions, still need the driver intervention. Thrun said that, if fully automated driving, it can only guarantee the accident does not occur within 50000 miles. For Levandowski, automatic driving vehicle project has a special significance. Three years ago, his fiancee Stefanie Olsen drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, suffered an accident. At that time, a car in front suddenly stops, Olsen slams on the brakes, stop the car, but was behind a car crashed into the. Luckily, she was not hurt, the fetus is safe and sound. Automobile industry, well-known experts, automobile industry of the whole industry chain investment, occupation managers, car dealers, car group responsible person, the United States of America, professionals and Europe, Australia and other countries of the Automobile Dealers Association, auto service, auto Multi-National Corporation agencies in China and attend.

This annual meeting to "reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading" as the theme, in order to improve the Chinese automobile circulation enterprise marketing, management, service level, the enhancement enterprise profitability and ability to resist risks as a starting point, for the purpose to promote the sustainable development of China automobile industry and car market, from the macro economy, consumption policy, market supervision market analysis and forecast, automobile manufacturers, harmonious, auto finance, insurance and other multi angle, for the topic, research exchange.

Lenovo A269

Deep keyboard key and a confirming key in light sensor three-dimensional detect finger placed in a different area, on the keyboard, the distinction between the finger hovering space key and number key. An infrared level not seen above the surface projection mm detecting actual contact "key", when interrupted by a finger, the projector to assign a keyboard characters, passing it along to the paired devices, keeping pace with the times, typing speed of 400 words per minute.

Magic Cube wireless laser virtual projection keyboard can plug in the Windows system. Easy to open the switch has been ready to connect to your mobile device. Magic Cube can be put into a pocket, easy to carry. Gesture keyboard technology Fujitsu shows this will depend entirely on the device itself comes with a high resolution camera and special software to achieve. When in use, users only need to tap in the blank desktop fingers, tablet computer or mobile phone can by matching quickly and determine the contents of the input knocking position, on the desktop, and does not show any virtual keys.

It is understood, although the technology looks very easy, but it hides a complex computer active learning system, this system ensures that the software can learn and record the user constantly keyboard typing habits, so as to more accurately determine the contents of the input.

At the same time, gesture keyboard technology can also through remember user skin color information to exclude external interference for the input accuracy, but the technology is heavily dependent on the light environment, the use of environment light is brighter, the judgment accuracy is higher.

ASUS Memo Pad HD 7

ASUS ASUS Fonepad 7 with Intel Clover Trail Plus Z2560 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage space, equipped with dual front speakers, using Maxx Audio audio system, support ASUS ASUS exclusive SonicMaster bel master technology, using dual microphone design, supports the SIM card, equipped with ultra wide angle of 1280 * 800 resolution screen, support for Splendid splendid technology, ten sensitive touch, with a 5000000 pixel and a 1200000 pixel camera in the front rear camera battery support 28 hours, with the highest 3G voice call or 10 hours of 720P HD video playback. ASUS FonePad HD 7 (ME372CG/16G) is quite good in the disposition aspect, which is equipped with Intel Atom processors, the default frequency is 1.6GHz, offers 1GB of storage space DDR3 RAM and 16GB, embedded in the 7 inch 1280 x 800 pixel screen, support multi touch. In addition, the integration of the 5000000 pixel camera, support Unicom 3G and mobile 2G communication.

ViewSonic ViewPad 7Q

ViewPad7Q uses the Cortex A7 architecture MTK8389 dual core processing chip, high frequency of 1.2GHz, 1G, 16GB NAND Flash DDR3 high speed memory cache, even more superior performance; at the same time also support wifi+3G, Bluetooth 3, A-GPS assistant localization, the strong performance. From the configuration, ViewPad7Q uses the Cortex A7 architecture MTK8389 dual core processing chip, high frequency of 1.2GHz, 1G DDR3 16GB NAND Flash high speed memory, high-speed storage, performance is very strong; the fuselage built-in Bluetooth, wifi+3G, 3 A-GPS auxiliary positioning module and analog TV module. Function very comprehensive. In the function call, to support dual sim card, contact calls, SMS whenever and wherever possible, work to reach the acme of perfection of entertainment. The use of pre 30W, post 200W pixel dual camera configuration in the camera, video chat, to meet user demand for outdoor pictures. But aspects of life, then the built-in 3000mAh large capacity lithium polymer battery, standby time of 300 hours, 8 hours of video time webpage, life is very awesome, carry the movies, Internet, outdoor micro message chat, brush micro-blog no longer have the power of any menace from the "rear". Enjoy unlimited fun entertainment, communication brings. From the configuration, ViewPad7Q uses the Cortex A7 architecture MTK8389 dual core processing chip, high frequency of 1.2GHz, 1G DDR3 16GB NAND Flash high speed memory, high-speed storage, performance is very strong; the fuselage built-in Bluetooth, wifi+3G, 3 A-GPS auxiliary positioning module and analog TV module. Function very comprehensive. In the function call, to support dual sim card, contact calls, SMS whenever and wherever possible, work to reach the acme of perfection of entertainment. The use of pre 30W, post 200W pixel dual camera configuration in the camera, video chat, to meet user demand for outdoor pictures. But aspects of life, then the built-in 3000mAh large capacity lithium polymer battery, standby time of 300 hours, 8 hours of video time webpage, life is very awesome, carry the movies, Internet, outdoor micro message chat, brush micro-blog no longer have the power of any menace from the "rear". Enjoy unlimited fun entertainment, communication brings.

Android TV Box

With the Android's fiery, HD player has entered the era of intelligence, di beautiful special shortly before the release of A5 is a smart set-top box, the A5 using the Android TV BOX4 system exclusive custom, can let ordinary LCD TV can also browse webpage, online video chat, QQ smart TV function, and to the installation of all the major online video client to watch the network video resources, let the TV audio and video playback functionality has been extended more widely. After many years of Chinese TV user habits were investigated, in order to let people more convenient to watch TV and movies, offering a di beautiful special A5 customized Android system based on UI interface, to optimize, and filled with hundreds of channels. With the fast changing speed, you can use the remote control or the wireless keyboard and mouse operation, bring the new operating experience. At the same time, di beautiful special A5 has reserved a program, EPG program information, programs remind back function. Completely solve the Android platform to see TV complex operation, will be easy to look for the elderly, children and other people of all ages to use. Di beautiful special A5 using the ARM Cortex-A5 architecture processors, with high frequency of 1GHz, with 512M DDR3 memory, multi task operation easier, support large games, HD video, online communities to share, bring more entertainment function. A5 uses an exclusive development of Android TV BOX 4 system, is a mature, efficient, safe, boot speed than before the version up one times above, a video decoding ability task processing mode is efficient and stable, a wide range of games and applications support, over 10000 kinds of software / games alternative. Appearance design Di beautiful special A5 adopted the "apple" style design, elegant, moderate size of the fuselage. The poly resin PVC material, the appearance is not easy to scratch, both beautiful and practical. The interface configuration Di beautiful special A5 complete, with version HDMI1.4 interface can support high-definition video and audio output, it also has AV, USB, Gigabit Ethernet port, also optional built-in wireless WIFI, wireless WIFI or external. Many interface can completely meet the needs for everyday use.


Vehicle navigation products after several years of development, has been the automotive electronics industry became the main force of this piece of rivers and lakes , from radio to cassette machine , from the CD player to decode VCD, from the DVD to the GPS navigation, every technological innovation are entire automotive electronics industry to bring new vitality ; however, product replacement behind the revolution in a field of technological innovation .

Recent listing of fertile visual " Pawn ● Daoxing " series of products , it is an innovative navigation products, its unique product features through innovation and micro-innovation and excellent product quality to get recognized by the consumers , and machines for the entire car industry, Wal- visual innovation also allows industry once again entered a new stage of development. For now the product highly homogeneous in-car navigation market , Wal- visual real navigation can be used to describe the maverick in the industry, product homogeneity among the Red Sea , revealing the unique quality of light can not be blocked . Wal- visual appearance of Intelligent Virtual navigation system , the traditional GPS navigation is concerned, is a gorgeous "nothing " type of subversion .

For a better demonstration of the practicality of smart photo navigation , developed a set of fertile visual navigation map , photo navigation , driving record , track recording and playback , hi- independent Bluetooth software system in one of the maps for the " Pawn ● Daoxing "series of products assembled a pioneering world leader in visual navigation system software, navigation system host through placed in the windshield at the dedicated camera module to link the appearance of a picture as the background to navigation information superimposed on the screen, thereby forming a real navigation mode. The driver can highlight tips and 3D logo Hawkeye know their location and the route , using GPS information to calculate the speed and plan a route for navigation compared to conventional navigation products, photo navigation solved owners rigid demand, make navigation more intuitive , and driving record , track playback , mobile speed warning , navigation and entertainment features such as mutual control information data with the original car perfectly switching , so high-end navigation looks , stylish, practical without losing the atmosphere .

Android Tablet PC

Lenovo Twist 33472HU Multi Contact Ultrabook is among the most well-known anything set out the foregoing week . Given that furthering you are going to uncover it unequalled conception, altered and afterwards in shape just all around through your personal initiatives . Also now you can find all kinds of merchandise it's attainable get. The overall product or service is built while using the usage of specific stuffs that really have leading shelf or vogue . Lenovo Twist 33472HU Multi Contact Ultrabook can be a favourite decide on some people . Or FREEZING fervently strongly suggest it. Using the intercontinental top position requirements , hence bringing on this product a posh and definitely lasting . Some victims such as the Lenovo Twist 33472HU Multi Touch Ultrabook as lots of variations of colors , eccentrics , stuffs.Lenovo Twist 33472HU Multi Contact Ultrabook is masterful or even a top quality collection .
Presuming The person anxious as a way for get a Lenovo Twist 33472HU Multi Contact Ultrabook of the major working day promotions , The shopper may illustration to establish over tip near products details, spec and outline .
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Meizu MX3 intelligent machines perfect to meet the current design of large-screen Android mobile phone market , with 5.1 inches IPS screen design, equipped with eight-core Samsung Exynos 5410 processor, 2G memory to run, rear 8 -megapixel camera , has a more comfortable viewing perception , the overall configuration of the upgrade also brings a better operating feel. Meizu MX3 uses 5.1 inches 1800x1080 resolution screen ; 15:9 speak of such resolution, but the screen material aspects , derived from Sharp's New Mode2, this technique is also useful in the Meizu MX2 above to ; actually CGS Contact IPS technologies, aside technical terms confused , we will implement the following screen shot to show them what the actual display screen Meizu MX3 effect . Meizu MX3 follows the ultra-narrow frame design, reduced from the original 3.15 mm to 2.9 mm ; But the visual difference is almost invisible . Also top of the screen is still in use MX2 shape earpiece design style , while the camera moves to the front edge of the screen . Meizu MX3 uses Samsung's eight-core processor, which uses A7 + A15 dual quad-core design , low power consumption to ensure the endurance A7 , A15 ensure smooth performance and built- in LCD memory, combined with the display driver , to achieve self-refresh screen PSR, static display saving 20%; WIFI saving 50% , ahead of the Sensor Hub technology, up to 2400 mA Sony batteries are guaranteed with long endurance. Meizu MX3 pay more attention to quality improvement , using Sony's third generation of top-level back-illuminated 8,000,000 light-sensitive chip , 29 layer coated second-generation blue glass filters ; F/2.0 large aperture ; original negative delay stabilization technology ; quad Fujitsu ISP; 7 group 1080P 30 frames / sec real-time filters ; tens of thousands of sub-optimal AWB4.0 fourth generation white balance algorithm to achieve the 20 / sec high-speed continuous shooting .

Ramos X10pro

X10pro for the first time on a tablet using the new MT8389 solution , ARM Cortex-A7 processor quad-core architecture , relying on the " four -core parallel processing " to achieve a web speed, the system simultaneously enhance fluency , whether it is online, or applications run , there are good performance. Blue Devils X10pro built-in GPU is PowerVR SGX544MP the 3D core , this series has been very common , including the full range of Apple iPad , and the latest generations of iPhone, Intel's mobile processor and Texas Instruments processor select all the built-in PowerVR Series GPU (3D graphics core ) , provides the industry's most outstanding 3D game compatibility . Blue Devils X10pro continue to use 7.85 -inch IPS wide viewing angle screen , this screen on a variety of products at home and abroad have good performance , and before the difference is that the Blue Devils X10pro By using MediaTEK processor comes with picture enhancement algorithm, by this received a better visual experience , which makes viewing pictures or movies when , X10pro have more feeling bright and attractive . As a result of 28 -nanometer manufacturing process of the CPU, the CPU power consumption than the previous generation was reduced by about 40-50% , while the new four -core A7 architecture , is the power consumption is further reduced ( approximately 30% lower than the A9 ) , two superposition of energy-saving technologies , making the Blue Devils X10pro than the previous dual-core tablet more power. Measured from the media in the Blue Devils X10Pro adjust the brightness at 50 % for three consecutive bright screen and loud sounds in the case of local 720P HD video playback battery life of up to eight hours , far exceeding the average of similar products 4,5 -hour standard , the real smooth play all day. Blue Devils X10pro completely built-in 3G module , support China Unicom 3G, 2G and mobile 2G, either call or high-speed Internet access, without any external equipment , but also through the built-in Bluetooth connection Bluetooth headset or car kit , the GPS hardware added greatly extends the X10pro range of applications, including the need to use location-enabled social networking software and map navigation and other functions , the real full-function , can replace a variety of smart devices.

Android TV Box

Blockbuster officially holding popular , the popular CEO Luojiang Chun said that the future will consider launching boxes , smart TVs and other hardware products. He said the popular network and Blockbuster does not exclude the hardware side has a larger action, but he also said that the current market is not mature , there is no definite plan.

In addition, there is news that Youku has been officially approved in July this year, the Internet TV project, and spending huge sums to set up a large-scale research and development team and Internet TV boxes and other hardware , the project team fully independent.

Analysis of the industry , the TV screen is indeed a coveted areas , computers, mobile phones , tablet computers and television was seen as essential to modern " four screen " , the first three Internet companies have largely been firmly always has , only TV , still lies in the hands of traditional media .

In accordance with the relevant data , China has 400 million households , the TV is far higher than the number of 400 million units , among which " non- smart" TV majority. The average price of 300 yuan per box , you can calculate the set-top box market demand will probably be more than one hundred billion .

It is understood that TV box into the cost is not high , based on the Android platform to be a box , basically no technical barriers . PPTV official publicly stated purpose is to make a box to enter the customer acceptance in the living room watching PPTV video services , hopes to rapidly expand its own brand stickiness terminal number of users , the formation plateau effect , then the value-added services, advertising , application , etc. to achieve rapid growth.


is also on board, and will be providing closed-source motorists for Tegra 3 and Ie8. This also paves the way for potentially utilizing other Tegra 3 devices, such as the OUYA console, as a $99 Tegra 3 PC operated by Ie8. Tegra 3, while underpowered for design vs the existing even entry-to-mid stage PCs, symbolizes a capable PC for web surfing around, H.264 movie, and portable 3D game playing.
Spot at times: Some Of The difficulties to get over with regards to thought control I'd select my husband and my mobile within “grab” i, and i also anticipate Siri might be the way to spin my very own mobile
I want to discuss some words with my readers: technological progression is excellent and definitely create our lifestyle better, but most essential factor is enough time we invest with individuals who we love. We engaged in active perform, when we go house, most of us convert on laptops laptop or computer or play smartphone, you even did’t noticed your alone organization is viewing you. My advice is, convert off all your digital system at least one time a day and relax yourself a little bit.
A advanced stage primary client of press, its fairly sure that will greater is much better, but there’s a price effects. As you should anticipate to pay 200 cash or much less regarding 8 into 5 inches wide tablets, you should be prepared to shell out maybe at least More than 200 cash for many 10 inches wide top android tablets because of the measurements.

The first design called Auxus CoreX2 3G comes with a seven-inch IPS board display with 1280×800 pixel excellent. This design is costing Rs.10,990.

The second design Auxus CoreX4 3G is the first ever attempt in Native indian to provide a quad-core CPU on a 9.7 inches wide tablet PC, the organization said. Consumers will have to invest Rs.15,990 to get this design of tablet.
The second factor to consider is the flexibility of it. If the essential operate of the mini tablet is their functionality, the one you select should allow you to use either your own fingers or searching for pen, stylus pen or mobile key pad. See if it has hand writing ability, so you can create and store details with digital ink, as it where a normal paper!

Ramos X10pro

Blue Devils X10 pro fashion edition run of excellent results "WYSIWYG ", do not rely on " overclocking " beautify , all the practical prevail. MTK MT8389 processor powerful quad-core processing power, will be the Blue Devils X10 pro Fashion Edition brings unprecedented performance experience. Processor architecture and power consumption through a number of comparative and experimental parameters , thereby selecting the 28 -nanometer process four core processors. Used PowerVR series GPU core , with the same full range of Apple products , this Blue Devils X10PRO 7.85 inch Tablet PC processor architecture and power consumption through a number of comparative and experimental parameters , thereby selecting the 28nm quad-core processors. Used PowerVR series GPU core , with the same full range of Apple products , with the best 3D compatibility. By plate can be seen on the top 28 -nanometer process technology tablet dedicated processor , the Blue Devils X10 pro become a true four -core , the core frequency of 1.2GHz. Blue Devils X10 pro excellent run of results "WYSIWYG ", do not rely on " overclocking " beautify , all the practical prevail. R & D department and power consumption by the processor architecture and a number of parameters compared experiments , thus selecting the 28 -nanometer process four core processors.

Android TV Box

A few days ago , has been dragged on for a long time , "PPTV married " event, finally results : Suning to $ 370 million joint Hongyi heavily in the acquisition PPTV, Suning PPTV invested 250 million yuan to become the largest shareholder , shares accounted for 44%. Which is currently ranked fifth in the industry , with 190 million audience PPTV , is a very good news , with Suning this giant has a strong capital support , PPTV in the future of the " burn" of the road are more protected the . Until recently , PPTV released a box product , called PPBOX, which is the family living room PPTV new battleground in advance of the first shot , in the end this started an online video platform , developed the first hardware product performance how can No play its advantages in the video ? PPBOX the packaging is very simple, the whole body using a mysterious black box in the lower left and upper right corner of the front , there are two parallel lines of blue , and has been extended to the case of four weeks . In addition, only the upper left corner of the box PPBOX of the " dark mark ." PPBOX main function does not show on the box , the mysterious black packaging, seems to await the brave Quest . After opening the package , PPBOX continue to follow it in the box appearance style : simple, low-key . In addition to the host inside the box , the only one HDMI cable, a power adapter, a remote control and a manual, nothing else , accessories is not really rich, can only be good enough to describe, perhaps this is the only 299 yuan to sell one of the reasons for it . In PPBOX front , in addition to prominent white logo outside left with an infrared receiver position in the input . In the receiving warehouse next to a bunch of shows that the identity of the English : "SMART TV BOX DESIGNED BY PPLive", in fact, I think unless you are a big company like Apple , or the meaning of this sentence is not completely . Having the front part of the interface back to talk about it, in the interface section behind a total of seven interfaces, from left to right HDMI interface , audio interface, optical port , Ethernet port , OTG USB interfaces , HOST USB interface and power input interface. When there is a relatively new with a 3.5mm audio output interface , connected to what small multimedia speakers or subwoofer what will facilitate a lot .

Portable DVD Player

Today, a prominent feature of this era is the electronic products have emerged , often a hot selling products from the demise of the increasingly short intervals . As more and more people use iPad to play the game when watching a movie when you are busy working while this was not fit new things , sitting bored on the subway when I wanted to find something to pass the time to look bored , began to miss since childhood bully game consoles and home DVD? then modern HY-710 may be just for you designed a portable DVD device . Modern HY-710 is a set of DVD, USB, TV, games and other functions in one portable DVD, such products in the current high-definition equipment , whether it is MP4, iPad , etc. , when the occupation of sight as if some alien , but this a product can evoke childhood memories for many people , appearance , beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, piano paint like a starry sequin embellishment , oversized indicator allows the user to always know the drive running. 4 models beautiful colors, to provide users with more choices. Black and calm , but not greasy pink , gold and luxurious , white and fresh. Weighs only 0.3kg, 136.5 x 19 x 146.5 mm compact size , can be put into bags , computer bags , fashion hand bag. Performance , the Sony DRX-S77U burner supports 8X DVD + /-R, 8X DVD + RW, 6X DVD-RW, 5X DVD-RAM. Double-layer DVD discs can support 6X burn , burn CD-R and CD-RW speeds when compared to 24X. Burn time is shorter for the pursuit of efficient and pragmatic young man saves a lot of time costs. In addition , DRX-S77U uses USB2.0 interface , plug and play , great user . It can be said that Sony generation "carry engraved " DRX-S77U sufficient to meet the mainstream business and entertainment applications. Expansion , the Sony DRX-S77U uses buffer underrun prevention technology to support Windows 7 and Mac operating systems , both of which deal with aspects of graphics has greatly improved . It can be said to meet the needs of various users , which is also reflected as a high quality optical storage products in the details of the heart .


With more and more mature RK3188 master , this powerful chip in the market gradually occupy an important position. 7-inch tablet in the ranks of various chip solution flooded , while the use RK3188 master not many products . Want to have a strong performance and a superior portable tablet as games, video carrier, to meet consumer demand for the product very few. Recently, a 7-inch portable tablet coming out - PiPO S1pro, compared to the previous product , S1pro with its own characteristics and excellent quality close to the public, will be the 7-inch tablet in the game party , party favorite video . Looking at the current 7-inch tablet domestic market, with the dual-core heat gradually subsided, but has a quad-core variety of hot chips winds. Quad-core A7, A5, A9, although all four cores, but their strengths vary. Quad-core A9 is a proven , with high performance and low power consumption. RK3188 chip quad-core A9 architecture, with science -order execution mode , CPU maximum frequency up to 1.8GHz; GPU uses a powerful quad-core ARMMali-400, the highest frequency up to 533MHz. Chips using 28nm process technology, the performance of power also brings very impressive results for the Tablet 's battery life make an important contribution . S1pro RK3188 using powerful quad-core processor , strong performance, let you enjoy the game world .





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