ZTE V956

ZTE V956 quad core small cyclone with Qualcomm snapdragon Snapdragon MSM8225Q (1.2GHz) processor speed is not fast, 4.3 inch big screen playing a movie is cool! Post 5000000 pre 300000 dual camera with LED flash photography is more clear. ZTE V956 appearance design is concise, a 4.5 inch capacitive touch screen positive, with a resolution of 480x854 pixels, the back has a 5000000 pixel camera, picture quality is good. The built-in intelligent operating system Androi 4.1, application of the rich. Run a memory with a quad core processor and 512MB a 1.2GHz frequency, daily control very smoothly. ZTE U956 adopts the design straight touch main body design, simple fashion. Positive is a 5 inch screen, resolution of 1280x720 pixels, image quality is clear and delicate. The http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v956-smartphone-msm8225q-quad-core-android-41-3g-gps-45-inch-ips-screen-p80917.html inner body is equipped with a 1.2GHz frequency of the quad core processor, with mainstream Android intelligent system, the control flow. Plus post a 8000000 pixel camera, contains the LED light, the imaging quality is very good.

Laser Projection Keyboard

In the creative imagination, laser projection keyboard South Korean some company launched the greater is the principle, the keyboard is very simple -- is through the laser projection of a full keyboard, you can through the virtual keyboard typing work completed. This set is mainly composed of laser light and a camera, wherein laser light used to release the laser flat on the desktop, and the camera is used to capture the user's hand movements. It does not take up too much space and can complete real-time rendering a full keyboard function, however, laser projection keyboard there is no real tactile feedback, this may be one of the people who use it to the biggest obstacle, but it's creative spirit is worth affirmation. Of course, the keyboard is not only the http://www.pandawill.com/mini-bluetooth-laser-projection-keyboard-white-p83054.html world above, more and more advanced in science today, more and more creative and intelligent keyboard appear in front of users, like a blanket can easily folding soft keyboard, can be tied on the arm wrist keyboard, to some extent alleviate fatigue proof keyboard fatigue...... There is no best, only better, so it is in the world the keyboard. Now to introduce a novel computer full sense of science and technology, its shape is like a very ordinary flashlight, it is through the laser projection technology advanced, the keyboard and display were projected onto the desktop on both sides!

ZTE V967s

Now the domestic mobile phone brand with the international gap is more and more narrow. Excellent workmanship, reasonable price, is loved by the people. Domestic intelligent mobile phone, the V967S is a very good sales of big screen, run quickly V967S with 960x540 resolution screen 5 inch, MediaTek MT6589 quad core processor is equipped with a 1.2GHz frequency, 1GB RAM+4GB ROM, and a 5000000 megapixel rear camera. ZTE's V967S with Android OS 4.1 operating system, support GSM, WCDMA network, and built-in GPS, support A-GPS, very convenient. ZTE V967S with straight touch other, the main screen is 5 inches of material for the IPS, 950*540 pixel resolution, pixel density 220ppi is relatively clear, no sense of particles. Support for dual http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v967s-smartphone-android-42-mtk6589-quad-core-5-inch-ips-screen-1gb-4gb-p80693.html card dual mode, and the switch is convenient, easy to distinguish between two kinds of life. T6589 quad core processor core, MediaTek supplied for 28nm process Cortex A7 ultra low power structure, comprehensive functions and energy saving. Behind the fuselage with a 5000000 pixel camera, can meet the user's daily shooting. ZTE V967S price is very high, have the be ultra-thin fuselage, fashionable appearance and strong hardware configuration, the hardware is equipped with two MT6589 quad core processor MediaTek, equipped with 1GB RAM memory,


According to the latest foreign media news show, Zhuopu big black overseas edition models ZP990 went on sale in Germany, American etc. in August 5th, with black, white dichromatic optional, in the sale of a total of two version, 2G+32G version costs $369.99, or about 2265 yuan; the 1G+16G version costs $339.99, equivalent to 2081 yuan.

The foreign version of Joop big black ZP990 configuration of 6 inch FHD screen, 13000000 +500wan pixel camera, equipped with MT6589T quad core processor, Android 4.2 original system. According to the configuration and price comparison Zhuopu black, white and Zhuopu small gesture to guess, Zhuopu big black China edition price is likely to be slightly lower than the foreign price, perhaps in order to better use experience, the domestic version will be focused on the introduction of large capacity 32G version, Xiaobian speculation is http://www.pandawill.com/zopo-zp990-smartphone-60-inch-fhd-screen-2gb-32gb-mtk6589t-ota-otg-ogs-p78378.html expected to price 2000 yuan. From the current news, Zhuopu big black overseas version of the configuration of ZP990 and the domestic version differs not quite, 6 inch 1080p screen and MTK6589 quad core processor, also equipped with 13000000 +500 megapixel camera, different domestic Zhuopu big black with Ali's new cloud OS operating system, Zhuopu big black the overseas version is the native Android 4.2, memory, in order to better use experience, is likely to focus on the introduction of large capacity 32G version. According to Joop official said, Zhuopu big black Chinese version will be released in August 8th, launched the big screen Zhuopu big black, may replace the flat, become the new trend of large screen lovers consumption.


Entertainment applications plate has been dominant, but with a tablet computer in the people daily life more and more widely used, for the practical requirements of flat or higher. Whether to support the GPS function, this requirement also began to flat paper. The current domestic market, to support the GPS function and accurate positioning of the product less and less. Products and perfect platinum in careful debugging, smooth will present its first GPS PiPO M7pro tablet to the vast number of consumers. This 8.9 inch Full HD flat screen with Samsung PLS is the comprehensive performance of the strongest, most functional products of. Flat computer supports GPS function, is still very rare, require a higher technical support. GPS module is very sensitive, very high anti-interference requirements. In order to support the http://www.pandawill.com/pipo-m7-3g-quad-core-rk3188-tablet-pc-89-inch-android-42-2gb-ram-16gb-bluetooth-gps-black-p78515.html GPS function, design engineer for M7pro platinum were adjusted to optimize a lot of, especially the design of electromagnetic shielding, M7pro is at the forefront of the domestic flat-panel computer. M7pro GPS how to? We pass a software "map navigation" experience.

"Map" is the navigation for mobile electronic product development of a map navigation software, has a powerful location search and route query function, can quickly find restaurants, hotels, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, gas station and the surrounding living facilities, and can choose bus, driving, walking three path planning methods. We also provide professional real voice navigation, quickly and accurately will take you to the destination.


M7pro, excellent screen exciting game the whole process, every detail of the panoramic view, the author fully integrated into the game environment. And all of this is due to the full M7pro HD 8.9 inch Samsung PLS screen, the screen brightness reaches as high as 400 nits, contrast ratio up to 900:1, so that the display image is exquisite, sharp, full color, and quick response speed, uniform, and depicts the real game scene, more realistic 3D effects. Up to 1920 * 1200 resolution is to show the effect of icing on the cake of the PLS screen, the image more full, transparent, bright bright filaments clearly. The pixel density per inch 254ppi, bring top visual feast, show full HD picture effect. In the game, the vehicle structure clear, from the wheel, light to the window, the contour is very solid, even the car driver was very vivid, body color is gorgeous, street lamps, billboards, on both sides of the street trees, buildings are clear, dark tunnel, only http://www.pandawill.com/pipo-m7-3g-quad-core-rk3188-tablet-pc-89-inch-android-42-2gb-ram-16gb-bluetooth-gps-black-p78515.html faint light could see the wall on both sides of the texture and patterns, in the vehicle running process, gas vehicle speed jet is very real, even when the vehicle collision, the window glass gradually chipped rift is also very in place, every detail perfect highlighted. In such exquisite beyond compare picture texture, you will soon be integrated into the game role, in the scenic city on the hurricane, a thrilling escape.

ZTE V956

V956 is a smart mobile phone straight touch design, exquisite design mobile phone screen 4.5 inch design shows the mobile phone, and the appearance performance of the mobile phone is very concise fashion, is definitely a worthy of models. ZTE's V956 with a 5000000 pixel in the behind the camera, with 300000 pixels front lens can meet the general shooting demand. Built in aspects of ZTE V965 with intelligent operating system Android 4.1, while also adding a quad core processor and a 1.2GHz frequency, control performance of the utility. ZTE V956 intelligent mobile phone is a high and low price, low price always make consumers heart love, but the mobile phone also has a good sense of fashion and configuration. Dual card dual standby function is the practical function of most users need. V956 is a high http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v956-smartphone-msm8225q-quad-core-android-41-3g-gps-45-inch-ips-screen-p80917.html performance intelligent mobile phone, has a quad core processor, tough very well, but also support the GSM/WCDMA network model, practicality is also very prominent, ZTE V956 using the straight touch other common, with concise fashion the whole appearance effect. The touch screen on the front side of a 4.5 inch capacitance, with a resolution of 480x854 pixels and bring the display effect is good. V956 has a 5000000 pixel in the behind the camera, with 300000 pixels front lens can meet the general shooting demand. The machine is built with the intelligent operating system Android, quad core processor and a 1.2GHz frequency to ensure the smooth running speed. The machine also supports the dual card dual mode, the control performance is also very practical.

Mini Alpha

BlackBerry ten will likely be hitting all 4 big carriers within a few months which start are going to be accompanied by 70,000 apps within the BlackBerry Entire world.

Throughout its start celebration this morning, the newly-named BlackBerry claimed that it's got been doing the job genuinely hard to courtroom developers which when BlackBerry ten launches, it can launch along with the largest portfolio of applications for virtually any smartphone platform at any time. Although it isn't really verified that these apps are going to be obtainable at launch, BlackBerry explained that plans like Rdio, Amazon Kindle, Indignant Birds, Ny Occasions, PGA, ESPN, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and a lot more.

BlackBerry has accomplished a superb career at wanting to impress developers to create applications for BlackBerry ten and it's had to vacation resort to some uncommon procedures mainly because it's actually not a lock that the Z10 and Q10 is going to be significant hits. There are actually experiences that it has compensated developers to port about apps and it's got even guaranteed financial gains for sure builders who hit its standards. BlackBerry can also be currently being fairly open with what programming languages it lets developers use to create BlackBerry ten applications, as written content makers can produce applications with HTML5, CSS, C+ as well as port over current Android applications. Even though the 70,000 figure appears remarkable, we're undecided how effectively it may go above with end users at launch. Early testimonials suggest that a lot of the apps in BlackBerry Environment don't provide the best experience, notably if http://www.pandawill.com/mini-alpha-mtk6589-quad-core-tablet-pc-785-inch-hd-screen-android-42-16gb-3g-monster-phone-bluetooth-silver-p79645.html these are not native BlackBerry 10 applications. As an example, the Android applications are operating within an on-device emulator, therefore the expertise just isn't optimized for your Z10 or Q10. We also nonetheless haven't listened to from some high-profile builders on no matter if they are going to help BlackBerry 10. There is certainly no term on if we will see applications like Google Maps, Gmail, Fandango, Netflix, Instagram or other folks.For being good, it is really nonetheless early and I might anticipate to check out BlackBerry 10 collect app momentum as we get closer to its mid-March launch.


Red mobile phone appearance straight, its positive has a 4.7 inch IPS screen, resolution of 1280X720 pixels of the HD level, showing the effect is also very good. The back is provided with a 8000000 pixel post lens, including LED light, a 1300000 pixel camera self timer used for and the corresponding. In the core is MT6589T quad core processorhttp://www.pandawill.com/xiaomi-hongmi-smartphone-mtk6589t-15ghz-wcdma-3g-gps-47-inch-ips-hd-screen-otg-grey-p83031.html with MediaTek a frequency of 1.5GHz, and 1GB RAM+4GB ROM combination of memory. Red mobile phone today arrival, this machine also finally to 1000 yuan, with the current consumer demand, through the website repeatedly plunder and baptism very shocking double eleven shopping carnival, which makes more and more people have been buying came to red rice,

Mini Alpha

Pretty soon, you will even be able to buy a non reusable mobile mobile phone for about ten dollars and pay for moments as you use them. These mobile phones will only change like a traditional old land-line mobile phone and that is all; probably an outstanding returning up to keep in your car for emergency situations, but not the most easy to use system. Verizon wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile prepaid applications are also provided as an alternative to non reusable mobile phones, so you can get a top excellent mobile phone along with a inexpensive strategy.
Sample sizes and sampling mistakes http://www.pandawill.com/mini-alpha-mtk6589-quad-core-tablet-pc-785-inch-hd-screen-android-42-16gb-3g-monster-phone-bluetooth-silver-p79645.html for other subgroups are available upon request.

In inclusion to sampling mistake, one should keep in thoughts that query wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can present mistake or bias into the results of opinion polls.
Thanks to absolutely new technology that can includes various types of interacting into just one system, individuals all over the globe now are extra organized and then possibly. A variety of devices may have complete net integration, such as the chance to look at websites on their mobile mobile phone along with join talents to make use of an im system. Mobile mobile phones began off with a uncomplicated objective within mind- to enable visitors to get in touch with individuals from any position, easily, employing antennas. These periods, several mobile mobile phones are able to convey in many other methods, eventually because of rapid advancement of the globally web.
It will now cost ten pennies less for this kind communication, the one that is presently the most used on the entire planet. The infinite possibilities provided by this kind of telephone assistance have designed their employment progressively required by the world’s inhabitants.Access to these solutions has become more typical in Cuba recently. However, the great cost has been the biggest deterrent, especially if we keep in thoughts that the regular per month wage in the country is less than one CUC a day.

Lenovo A850

Lenovo A850 built a 1.3GHz quad core MediaTek processor, memory operation with 1GB, using 28 nm new technology, power is very strong, can easily run Android 4.2 smartphone operating system. In the back of the fuselage, the machine is also equipped with a 5000000 pixel camera, shooting ability is enough. Lenovo A850 has very strong competitiveness, in addition to superior general thousand yuan product processor, it has a 5.5 inch IPS large screen, let you enjoy the fun of big screen. In addition, the machine can support the dual card dual standby W+G support in wireless 3G network, China Unicom HSPA+ system. Lenovo A850 fuselage with straight touch design, sleek style fuselage brings comfortable feeling of holding. The front is a 5.5 inch HD Hyun screen, resolution of 960*40 pixel, the display effect is good. The machine is equipped with a quad core 1.3GHz http://www.pandawill.com/lenovo-a850-smartphone-android42-55-inch-mtk6582m-quad-core-1gb-4gb-p80720.html processor with high performance, with 1GB memory operation, equipped with Android intelligent system, the machine running smoothly. The machine is also provided with a back 5000000 pixel camera, including LED light, the imaging quality is satisfactory. Lenovo as a brand of computer, not only do good, under the banner of the mobile phone is also good to do, have the high performance to price ratio, Lenovo A850 is a less than one thousand yuan price of the mobile phone. The machine design is concise fashion, giant cost-effective giant utility.


The Segotep Renault RP450 power wire is only a part of the flexible packages, but also has a long power supply wire, can fully meet the game player back line use. Rated power of 350W, +12V accounted for 80%, the highest 85% conversion efficiency and long 750mm output wire to RP450 excellent comprehensive strength. Appearance, Zhenhua aviation Kingdee 450W power to much larger than ordinary power, plating shell all black corrosion and oxidation; using a 14cm large cooling fan, fan using light blue transparent design is very beautiful, from the fan cover http://www.pandawill.com/happy-hour we can see the power of the very solid work. In addition, aviation Kingdee 450W power supply using honeycomb type outlet design, with a large diameter fan can effectively guarantee the heat efficiency and the mute effect. Power Zhen Hua icebergs Kingdee 450W supply a decent, the remarkable performance, excellent overall performance.

F188 Car DVR

In recent years, frequent traffic accidents in China, poses a great threat to the country and the people's life and property safety, but also to maintain the safety and stability of the society has brought great pressure. The analysis thinks, overloading, speeding, fatigue driving, optional change lanes have been arch-criminal induced malignant traffic accidents.

Install the GPS vehicle positioning and monitoring system on a vehicle as the first choice of current traffic safety supervision. In the passenger vehicle to build GPS vehicle positioning and monitoring system, through the wireless communication network real-time position the vehicle direction, speed, capacity and other information http://www.pandawill.com/f188-high-definition-720p-portable-car-dvr.html uploaded to the monitoring center, to achieve full supervision of passenger vehicles, real-time scheduling, effective management of passenger vehicle.

Compared with the traditional video monitoring, 3G wireless video monitoring with the deployment of flexible, mobile video surveillance, monitoring coverage, monitoring more convenient etc. advantage, can greatly meet the vehicle mobile environment. At present, the vast majority of the market terminal products only support traditional 2G or 2.5G network communication mode, unable to realize the real-time video monitoring and remote video, reduced vehicle safety supervision effect. Acer H3225A wireless GPS vehicle hard disk video recorder is a support 3G (WCDMA\EVDO\TD-CDMA), GPS, Wi-Fi of a industrial vehicle hard disk video recorder, video acquisition and wireless transmission in a body, has the GPS positioning, remote video, image capture, real-time video monitoring function, applied to the bus, the bus, logistics the vehicle video surveillance, law enforcement. At present, the products have been successfully applied in many provinces and cities nationwide bus, bus passenger vehicle, the project operating in good condition, it is expected that the product will win the trust of customers, expand market share.

Lenovo S650

The machine body weight 155 grams, the back is curved perfect. This machine is a piece of 4 inches, the main screen resolution of 480 × 800pix, showing the effect of clear and delicate. Photographs, Lenovo VIBE X equipped with a 5000000 pixel camera, photo effect is very good. In terms of hardware, the machine with 16GB can expand capacity, the whole operation is very smooth. This summer, lenovo mobile phone S820, accompanied by flamenco like red, along with a female outstanding charm, come shining through. From the "Yao, Hyun, pat, Hui" good point of view, Lenovo S650 combined with MINI and starry, launched the "find good you" thematic activity, activity attracted many users to participate in, to find the female research take excellent students, Yao brilliant http://www.pandawill.com/happy-hour starry dress collocation division, Hui the color fashion hot mom, this article in the last -- Hyun outstanding female representative! Lenovo S650 screen is black crystal, white crystal, perfectly compatible with red body. S820 uses a 4.7 inch HD high-definition screen, resolution up to 1280*720, 2.5D suspension miniature black crystal glass from Corelle gorilla II, the screen is not lit, such as clear black crystal; is lighted, picture and text like floating on the surface, at your fingertips. The crystal like mobile phone screen, S820 Hyun well enough! The crystal of people? It is very good!

Ramos X10pro

Processing capability of the MTK MT8389 quad core processor powerful, will bring experience hitherto unknown performance for Ramos X10 Pro core, GPU PowerVR series of Ramos X10 Pro using the same, and a full range of Apple products, has the best 3D compatibility. The PowerVR series of GPU high efficiency, the same game packets needed for smaller, can load more games. 7.85 inch IPS screen angle of 178 degrees, the grip, the vertical grip, lying and http://www.pandawill.com/ramos-x10pro-mtk8389-quad-core-tablet-pc-785-inch-hd-screen-android-42-3g-gps-monster-phone-16gb-bluetooth-silver-p80341.html watching Ramos in the domestic flat-panel market to launch a 7.85 inch tablet X10, with excellent design and excellent quality market is rapidly becoming popular models, but also detonated a sales boom in small size plate. And now Ramos follow up a victory with hot pursuit, while maintaining constant the processor X10 appearance by actions owl ATM7029 chip into the performance more MediaTek MT8389 quad core chip plan well, improves performance and 3G joined the conversation ability, make the products to glow the new vitality.


Screen 5 inches to and it is very difficult to single hand operation, and the Meizu MX3 5.1 inch large screen because the design of narrow frame one hand operation is good, and the Flyme 3 system also joined the single hand model, the vast majority of application key change location, better operation. Meizu MX3 continuation of ultra narrow frame design, the front is equipped with a 5.1 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution of 1800 x 1080 pixels, the http://www.pandawill.com/es/meizu-mx3-smartphone-exynos-5410-eight-core-51-inch-1080p-gorilla-glass-screen-2gb-16gb-flyme-30-p81388.html integration of the whole joint technology, TOL single glass touch screen program, PSR self refresh energy saving technology, 2.9mm narrow frame display performance, clear and delicate. This machine is arranged behind a 8000000 pixel camera, the Sony third generations back illuminated lens. Inside it is equipped with a new Flyme 3 smartphone operating system, a Samsung Exynos 5410 dual core processor also show good control performance. Meizu MX3 large screen and the double quad core processors and other top-level configuration to seize the consumer psychology, to everyone's desire to buy, while the Flyme 3 system excellent single hand model, let you down, and then rely on it

Ampe A80

When it comes to interesting, not only TV show "where" daddy go, the tablet market has the same flat A80 mobile phone, call the leading brand AMPE launched the latest quad core 3G version, ultra narrow 7.85 inch thin frame, not only great master hand, the screen is more expressive. At the same time to subvert the traditional entertainment experience, support 3G and 3G/2G call, the mobile phone panel and perfectly compatible, regardless of shape or application, can give the user more interesting experience, do not lose to the "where to go" Oh father. Go out in the outside, whether in the metro bus, or road, or the play process, always cannot leave the network, brush micro Bo, play games, chat QQ, or have a look the movie, listen to music to relax, is a good choice. Should high demand consumers always connected to the Internet, AMPE A80 quad core 3G version with the built-in 3G module American Qualcomm quad core processor, support the fast WCDMA 3G card, to realize the seamless integration in the wireless Internet technology. The user only needs to insert the card, you can successfully connect to the network, realize the http://www.pandawill.com/ampe-a80-3g-quad-core-qualcomm-msm8625-tablet-pc-785-inch-android-41-ips-screen-monster-phone-16gb-white-p83746.html true whenever and wherever possible and convenient Internet, then and boring "life without network" goodbye, unlimited fun. Just imagine, with a 7.85 inch flat call is not very high? AMPE A80 quad core 3G version supports 3G/2G calls and SMS, users can also like the mobile phone calls, text messages, the phone can single hand phone answering directly, also can use Bluetooth headset, not only convenient and practical communication function, more let where you are for the audience to focus, bloom the fashionable charm. Flat little function too monotonous, complete configuration can meet the comprehensive needs you. AMPE A80 quad core 3G version using dual camera design comparable professional SLR camera, front 1300000 pixel camera, post to 8000000 pixels rare, so you can record every moment in life; support 1080P ultra clear video decoding, and backward compatible with 720P video playback, kill all video formats, bring super shock visual feast. In addition, also supports Flash 11 and HTML5 double decoding, both online Webpage or online video can catch all in one draft, enjoy the fun of home theater.

ZTE V956

ZTE V956 quad core small cyclone with Qualcomm snapdragon Snapdragon MSM8225Q (1.2GHz) processor speed is not fast, 4.3 inch big screen playing a movie is cool! Post 5000000 pre 300000 dual camera with LED flash photography is more clear. ZTE V956 appearance design is concise, a 4.5 inch capacitive touch screen positive, with a resolution of 480x854 pixels, the back has a 5000000 pixel camera, picture quality is good. The built-in intelligent operating system Androi 4.1, application of the rich. Run a memory with a quad core processor and 512MB a 1.2GHz frequency, daily control very smoothly. ZTE's V956 with a 5000000 pixel in the behind the camera, with 300000 pixels front lens can meet the general shooting demand. The machine is built with the http://www.pandawill.com/zte-v956-smartphone-msm8225q-quad-core-android-41-3g-gps-45-inch-ips-screen-p80917.html intelligent operating system Android, quad core processor and a 1.2GHz frequency to ensure the smooth running speed. The machine also supports the dual card dual mode, the control performance is also very practical. ZTE V956 attract sb.'s attention not only because of its low price, and good sense of fashion and allocation. Equipped with a Android system, 1.2GHz quad core processor, the machine configuration is the mainstream, had a very good performance effect.

Ampe A80

IPad Mini excellent market performance, let the 7.85 inch flat-panel market instant hot. A80 quad core mobile phone plate leading brand AMPE launched 3G version is a was the authority of the media as by far the most beautiful the strongest 7.85 inch flat, it is a breakthrough to the traditional flat entertainment experience, support 3G, 3G/2G calls and 8000000 pixel camera, GPS navigation, and the iPadmini the same size screen, a listed has become a hot market. There have been many consumers get the first batch of machines, the following with the view of actual effect measured the screen users. I believe many people will doubt, iPad Mini why using 4:3 proportional screen? Obviously this is not accidental, but authority conclusion. For ordinary people, the main purpose of flat is used to online and read e-books, natural all are to be http://www.pandawill.com/ampe-a80-3g-quad-core-qualcomm-msm8625-tablet-pc-785-inch-android-41-ips-screen-monster-phone-16gb-white-p83746.html designed for the purpose of optimization. While the 4:3 ratio in the viewing area on the screen than a screen to 25%, when browsing Webpage can display more content, can reduce the number of hand rolling screen, improve the reading experience. On the other hand, the ratio of book pages is closest to 4:3, so the 4:3 screen ratio will be very suitable for reading books, especially PDF ebook. AMPE A80 quad core 3G version uses a fully consistent with the ipad Mini 7.85 inch IPS screen, 1024*768 resolution, the brightness of the screen and perspective are very outstanding performance, in color, brightness and visual angle have reached the first-class standard. As everyone knows, IPS screen is outstanding in the display effect, as you can see, the AMPEA80 quad core 3G version of the picture color IPS screen over the natural balance, color saturation, full color, not good white or gray, color is also very accurate. Even in the strong light, still can be in detail and color to maximize the present, will be the perfect picture played most incisive. Gray square test, the last few ash lattice can also clearly show, color reproduction is good.

P6+ Smartphone

Finding out how much the town is investing each 1 month on contacting, sms messages and information applications for those 196 mobile mobile phones is complicated by the factor that according to town authorities bills for sms messages and information applications are not combined, or monitored in a unified spreadsheet. No one at City Hall knows exactly how much Common Finance cash, complete, is being invested to provide 196 town workers with mobile mobile phones. A2Politico initially registered a Independence of Information Act ask for for the http://www.pandawill.com/p6-smartphone-2gb-32gb-60-inch-fhd-screen-mtk6589t-15ghz-android-42-3g-gps-p83851.html city-owned mobile mobile phone written text and information technique costs compensated between 2009 and 2012. City authorities reacted that the ask for would involve combing through, at minimum, 9,600 pages of material to get the sms messages and information costs and to redact information, as necessary, from the materials relevant to mobile phones offered to cops.

The procedure of opening a mobile phone allows clients to completely free their mobile phones from the shackles of mobile suppliers. When a mobile phone is exposed, it allows clients to use their devices on different mobile techniques so long as the item is able to perform on the desired assistance company. For example, a Nexus 4 bought from T-Mobile is already exposed, so this system would be eligible to be used on AT&T
Back truly, an exception was involved to the United States’ Electronic Century Trademark Act by the Librarian of The legislature that designed it perfectly lawful to jailbreak, discover, or install unapproved third-party applications on any components (at enough time, the exception was involved with a concentrate on the iPhone, though it currently applies to any device). However, a modify noted by Technical Information Everyday in the DMCA indicates that starting this Sunday, opening a mobile phone through unofficial indicates will become unlawful in the United States.

The modify was designed returning in Oct of 2012 by the Librarian of The legislature, though at enough time a 90 day windows was offered before the update was lawfully in effect.

Ramos W30HDpro

Ramos tablet game player like W30HDpro all in one, 1920 × 1200 retinal Full HD IPS screen, a strong 28 nm Quad A9 up to 1.8GHz processing core, with large capacity 2GB memory, is undoubtedly one of the strongest domestic computer configuration. Ramos W30HDpro has a number of comprehensive promotion, first as the core processor, boosted by a quad core 1.4GHz processors and 32 nm for the 1.8G processor, compared with quad core A9 processors generally, performance increases by more than 30%, but the power consumption is reduced about 30%. Ramos W30HDpro camera to http://www.pandawill.com/ramos-w30hdppro-rk3188-tablet-pc-101-ips-screen-android-41-2gb-ram-32gb-bluetooth-dual-camera-silver-p80335.html a new level, the 5000000 pixel autofocus, can rule out a better picture for collection, while 2000000 of the front facing camera, and family video will also have a more clear performance. Ramos W30HDpro relative to the previous products enhance the battery capacity, resulting in about 30% of the life time of the upgrade, play longer is no longer a luxury.

Interface dust Ramos W30HDpro redesigned cover, also joined the full HD HDMI output, and family to share Full HD video movies so simple. Ramos W30HDpro also has WIFI and Bluetooth two transmission, wireless Bluetooth audio, or mouse and keyboard, no problem. Ramos W30HDpro with powerful female man strong heart, to design with soft white, give you different Quad speed experience.


In the core is MT6589T quad core processor with MediaTek a frequency of 1.5GHz, and 1GB RAM+4GB ROM combination of memory. The back is provided with a 8000000 pixel post lens, including LED light, a 1300000 pixel camera self timer used for and the corresponding. Millet said earlier to open up the market to the mainland and overseas market, and recently it seems to have started to itch for a try on it -- today published in Taiwan listed red mobile phone sales plan, the first in Taiwan listed red mobile phone is only 10000 units, the same panic buying online booking. But relative to the domestic millet website at 5W+ "source", the number of 1W sales are http://www.pandawill.com/xiaomi-hongmi-smartphone-mtk6589t-15ghz-wcdma-3g-gps-47-inch-ips-hd-screen-otg-grey-p83031.html shabby red mobile phone use straight body design, appearance is concise, the overall design of the body All blend into one harmonious whole. front, equipped with a 4.7 inch 720p screen, use the IPS material, power consumption is very low, although is not fit the screen, but show good results. The machine is built a MediaTek quad core processor, with a frequency of 1.5GHz, a very good performance. The machine is equipped with MIUI V5 system, plus post 8000000 pixel camera, it can give users a good experience.

Ramos X10pro

X10pro for the first time using MT8389 scheme in new tablet computer, the ARM Cortex-A7 quad core processor architecture products, relying on the "4 core parallel processing" to realize synchronous lifting system Webpage speed, fluency, whether on the Internet, or applications, all have good performance. Ramos built-in X10pro GPU PowerVR SGX544MP 3D core, this series is very common, including a full range of Apple's iPad, and mobile processor new generations of iPhone, Intel and TI processors choose all the built-in PowerVR series of GPU (3D core), provides the industry's most outstanding 3D the game compatibility. Ramos X10pro continue to use the 7.85 inch IPS full view screen, the screen has a good performance in the domestic http://www.pandawill.com/ramos-x10pro-mtk8389-quad-core-tablet-pc-785-inch-hd-screen-android-42-3g-gps-monster-phone-16gb-bluetooth-silver-p80341.html and foreign products, and before the difference is, Ramos X10pro enhancement algorithm by using MediaTEK processor with images, obtained better visual experience, which makes the photos or movies, X10pro have more color bright feeling, fascinating. Due to the adoption of the 28 nanometer process of CPU, the CPU power consumption than the previous generation products is reduced by about 40-50%, at the same time the new 4 Nuclear A7 architecture, the power consumption is further reduced (A9 about 30%), two energy-saving technology stack, the Ramos X10pro dual core tablet than before more power. From the media measured Ramos X10Pro in brightness adjustable in 50%, continuous bright screen and sound conditions play a local 720P HD video life time up to 8 hours, than similar products in an average of 4, 5 hours of level, realize the play all day.

Ramos W30HDpro

With the user of game of better performance, at the same time, longer life time look, Ramos launched W30pro and W30HDpro two new products in the W30 and W30HD basis, the continuation of the excellent hardware and design at the same time, through the processor to process up to the 28nm process, through the built-in battery makes more longer life time possible.

W30HDpro is configured to upgrade the core processor, use up to 1.8GHz quad core A9, and frequency to 533MHz ARM Mali-400 quad core GPU, overall performance than the Tegra 3 Quad Processor 30%, performance in the domestic leading level. Ramos http://www.pandawill.com/ramos-w30hdppro-rk3188-tablet-pc-101-ips-screen-android-41-2gb-ram-32gb-bluetooth-dual-camera-silver-p80335.html pioneered in the industry of the 1920 * 1200 resolution W30HD product upgrade version of the W30Hdpro in addition to the continuation of strong class of retinal IPS full view screen, the battery capacity increased by 30%, plus the 28nm powerful processor process, will greatly enhance the product range. Ramos W30HDpro using white panel plus ultra narrow frame design, the back of the fuselage with aluminium magnesium alloy material, in addition to protect the internal parts, also have better heat dissipation effect, is the appearance design of domestic popular. Equipped with a 10.1 inch 1920x1200 like the retinal level full high-definition screen, with 175 degrees of visual angle and the ratio of length to width of 16:10, Ramos W30pro use the RK3188 processor, 28nm advanced technology, using the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture, integrated quad core ARM Mali-400 GPU, and lower energy consumption, memory configuration for the 2GB RAM, support 32GB microSD card expansion, both HD movie or game applications also have excellent performance.

Digital Camcorders

At present Sony PJ660E digital camera in the local dealers "Yi Jia digital photography equipment are on sale at the meeting", the purchase of the product also presented the DV package. Sony PJ660E fuselage memory for 64G, can meet the needs of you out photography, Sony PJ660E with "Exmor R" CMOS image sensor, the maximum pixel reached 5430000, with 12 optical zoom, support for 1920 x 1080 format HD video recording, stable optical anti shake mode, each a beautiful picture to you more secure and more clear record of life. Sony PJ660E audio acquisition support Dolby Digital 5.1 channel with Dolby digital 2 channel, noise and has the http://www.pandawill.com/cameras-photo-c226/digital-camcorders-c37.html function of automatic reduction, ensure clear images at the same time, also in the audio is guaranteed. 64GB large memory, meet your storage needs. HDR-PJ660E is the digital camera Sony a fashion business, air distribution, using Exmor R CMOS image sensor, can significantly improve the image quality and color reduction degree under low light intensity, and built-in projector and the high quality Clear Phase stereo speakers, which have the HD, wireless, multi mode shooting functions, by the user's favorite, to meet the users' shooting demand,

ASUS Memo Pad HD 7

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 Asus vigor version of fresh and fashionable appearance, provides an elegant white, brilliant blue, the green ash, among the 4 colorful shell, can satisfy different people's need of fashion. The machine in the design to put ideas into the thin, the body only 10.8 mm thick, weighs about 302 grams, generally on the market than the seven inch flat thin many, easy to carry, greatly improve the consumer experience.

The disposition aspect, Asus ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 with a quad core processor powerful, from small to large leisure game 3D game can be full Hold decoding performance, with powerful GPU graphics, better performance, the ultimate user multimedia experience. In addition, Asus ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 also intimate preset "super cloud handwriting Lite", "little painter" and a variety of Asus exclusive application of writing, convenient user records of daily life. In the visual performance, Asus ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 is equipped with a set of 1280 × 800 high resolution, wide viewing angle of 170 ° IPS screen, Splendid splendid, ten finger sensitive touch in one of the "A+ screen" visual solutions: screen clear and stable without blur, viewing angle wider, so many people at the same time watch the screen wonderful; parameter adjustable support color, visual experience more comfortable; ten finger touch technology with Asus original, game operation more convenient. Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 provides an elegant white, blue, green, sweet http://www.pandawill.com/asus-memo-pad-hd-7-me173x-quad-core-tablet-pc-7-inch-ips-screen-mtk8125-android-42-1gb-ram-8gb-white-p81793.html and dynamic fashion appearance, powder ash five kinds of optional, more to meet consumer demand personality. The hardware with MTK8125 quad core processor, high performance and low energy consumption. The machine can also lead 1200000, post 5000000 pixel camera, video camera, video chat easily get along well with.

Digital Cameras

In the local gold rampant today, choose a camera waiting for less than two years the moment was eliminated, the look in your eyes is far enough. Leica Inc recently launched a golden body Leica than C, its mobile phone, price and utility and distinguished type than higher accompanied by bursts of cold wind, 2013 has ushered in the last one month. In just the past Thanksgiving, do you have any close relatives and good friends around to send a sincere blessing, if you miss this opportunity also do not worry, the next will usher in Christmas, new year's day, Spring Festival and other festivals. When friends meet, record of these wonderful moment is very important. Now the digital imaging market is feudal lords vying for the throne, all http://www.pandawill.com/cameras-photo-c226/digital-cameras-c118.html kinds of products uneven, but for high image quality is the pursuit of the eternal truth, and "full frame" this one noun beginning and high quality inseparable relationship with. Now the full frame products has not only limited to the SLR cameras, portable camera cards, lunch can change the camera has a full frame products.

Today we will recommend the market popular full frame digital camera product for you, are Sony RX1R, A7R, D610, Sony Nikon Nikon D800 and Nikon Df. Some of these products is up to 36000000 pixels in size; some products and card camera as compact; the others are with retro look.

Android TV Box

With the Android's fiery, HD player has entered the era of intelligence, di beautiful special shortly before the release of A5 is a smart set-top box, the A5 using the Android TV BOX4 system exclusive custom, can let ordinary LCD TV can also browse Webpage, online video, QQ chat and other intelligent TV function, and to the installation of all the major online video client to watch the network video resources, let the TV audio and video playback functionality has been extended more widely. After many years of Chinese TV user habits were investigated, in order to let people more convenient to watch TV and movies, offering a di beautiful special A5 customized Android system based on UI interface, to optimize, and filled with hundreds of channels. With the fast changing speed, you can use the remote control or the wireless keyboard and mouse operation, bring the new operating experience. At the same time, di beautiful special A5 has reserved a program, EPG program information, programs remind back function. Completely solve the Android platform to see TV complex operation, will be easy to look for the elderly, children and other people of all ages to use. Di beautiful special A5 using the ARM Cortex-A5 http://www.pandawill.com/notebook-tablet-pc-mid-c438/android-tv-box.html architecture processors, with high frequency of 1GHz, with 512M DDR3 memory, multi task operation easier, support large games, HD video, online communities to share, bring more entertainment function. A5 uses an exclusive development of Android TV BOX 4 system, is a mature, efficient, safe, boot speed than before the version up one times above, a video decoding ability task processing mode is efficient and stable, a wide range of games and applications support, over 10000 kinds of software / games alternative.





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