Android TV Box

With the Android's fiery, HD player has entered the era of intelligence, di beautiful special shortly before the release of A5 is a smart set-top box, the A5 using the Android TV BOX4 system exclusive custom, can let ordinary LCD TV can also browse webpage, online video chat, QQ smart TV function, and to the installation of all the major online video client to watch the network video resources, let the TV audio and video playback functionality has been extended more widely. After many years of Chinese TV user habits were investigated, in order to let people more convenient to watch TV and movies, offering a di beautiful special A5 customized Android system based on UI interface, to optimize, and filled with hundreds of channels. With the fast changing speed, you can use the remote control or the wireless keyboard and mouse operation, bring the new operating experience. At the same time, di beautiful special A5 has reserved a program, EPG program information, programs remind back function. Completely solve the Android platform to see TV complex operation, will be easy to look for the elderly, children and other people of all ages to use. Di beautiful special A5 using the ARM Cortex-A5 architecture processors, with high frequency of 1GHz, with 512M DDR3 memory, multi task operation easier, support large games, HD video, online communities to share, bring more entertainment function. A5 uses an exclusive development of Android TV BOX 4 system, is a mature, efficient, safe, boot speed than before the version up one times above, a video decoding ability task processing mode is efficient and stable, a wide range of games and applications support, over 10000 kinds of software / games alternative. Appearance design Di beautiful special A5 adopted the "apple" style design, elegant, moderate size of the fuselage. The poly resin PVC material, the appearance is not easy to scratch, both beautiful and practical. The interface configuration Di beautiful special A5 complete, with version HDMI1.4 interface can support high-definition video and audio output, it also has AV, USB, Gigabit Ethernet port, also optional built-in wireless WIFI, wireless WIFI or external. Many interface can completely meet the needs for everyday use.








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