Digital Picture Frames

Casio TR350 using the touch screen 3 inch 920000 pixel, to facilitate viewing will look back at photos. Image sensor using about 12100000 effective pixels, 1/2.3 inch high backside illuminated CMOS, with 21mm ultra wide-angle lens, overhead when the face will appear and more slender figure. EXILIM high speed engine is Casio characteristics, so that the machine in the shooting and processing have reached high speed, in addition, a number of art filters so that the photographer can easily create their own personality works; and multi image super resolution technology, photo details level has the very big promotion. Casio TR350 like Chanel, let a lot of girls. Casio TR350 self time God is a new generation of again, flexibility in comprehensive upgrade, in the fuselage frame, with the shutter button, holding frame, fingers can press frame shutter to achieve self. In the intelligent component, the machine can shoot through intelligent mobile phone remote control, also can through the wireless LAN function quickly get photos to the designated mobile phone. With the impact of mobile phone era, people have been accustomed to "small but excellent" photo media. There is no doubt the performance DSLR, but it is easy to become the heavy burden of travel "". How to satisfy the travelers for image record demand, and for their luggage weight loss? A convenient, lightweight telephoto digital camera is undoubtedly the best choice, the trial of the European DC-G35 telephoto camera is a camera. Sensor Ouda DC-G35 telephoto camera is equipped with a 20000000 pixel, the material for the CCD. In the part of the lens, the European DC-G35 is equipped with a support 35 times optical zoom lens, the equivalent focal length up to 25mm to 875mm, absolutely meet most of the demand for and the focal length. Body size is 128 x 86.1 x 90.9mm, the total weight is about 450g, the weight I think even female users can easily get along well with.








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