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Home theater audio system "super heavyweight Tianyi HD 4 set GQ-4", this set of home theater system has a low-key luxury appearance, and the sound effect of the super shock and surging, can not only bring you the level of audio and video entertainment audio-visual experience, but also improve your Home Furnishing environment atmosphere, from the visual and auditory bring the double shock experience. A lot of friends and even vendors are starting to think about a problem. A small Bluetooth speakers, want to succeed, want to win user acceptance. So the core of this product is solid technology, or attractive appearance. Not only is this problem puzzling the manufacturers, so that it will not lower positioning of its products. At the same time also confused consumers, so that it does not know which products to buy. So today Xiaobian personal point of view to explain the core Bluetooth small speaker products is the outward appearance or technology. Now, an aging population is more serious, with the rising number of elderly, society for their attention in recent years are also increasing, as children, for their elders on the body of the concern, also should be the health of their body and mind more attention, now young people life and work is very busy, often not much time to accompany their parents or grandparents, so their spiritual life quality should be worthy of our attention. As we all know, in the elderly population in addition to watch TV, tend not to use the high-tech products, such as intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and so on, their entertainment life style is often very simple, and usually no children accompany, a long time is often mental state will become depressed, and this is the form of music in the elderly population is favorite pastimes are, in this regard may be more children attention.

Here comes our theme today "outdoor portable audio", we all know that in the elderly population out is very like to listen to the radio, but the old radio is too old and heavy, not convenient to carry out, and we recently from the market for old friends collecting and screening of 5 very good outdoor portable audio, we give emphasis introduced here, the children take advantage of this opportunity to the elder his honor, then we will get to know the 5 portable audio.








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