Ampe A80

IPad Mini excellent market performance, let the 7.85 inch flat-panel market instant hot. A80 quad core mobile phone plate leading brand AMPE launched 3G version is a was the authority of the media as by far the most beautiful the strongest 7.85 inch flat, it is a breakthrough to the traditional flat entertainment experience, support 3G, 3G/2G calls and 8000000 pixel camera, GPS navigation, and the iPadmini the same size screen, a listed has become a hot market. There have been many consumers get the first batch of machines, the following with the view of actual effect measured the screen users. I believe many people will doubt, iPad Mini why using 4:3 proportional screen? Obviously this is not accidental, but authority conclusion. For ordinary people, the main purpose of flat is used to online and read e-books, natural all are to be designed for the purpose of optimization. While the 4:3 ratio in the viewing area on the screen than a screen to 25%, when browsing Webpage can display more content, can reduce the number of hand rolling screen, improve the reading experience. On the other hand, the ratio of book pages is closest to 4:3, so the 4:3 screen ratio will be very suitable for reading books, especially PDF ebook. AMPE A80 quad core 3G version uses a fully consistent with the ipad Mini 7.85 inch IPS screen, 1024*768 resolution, the brightness of the screen and perspective are very outstanding performance, in color, brightness and visual angle have reached the first-class standard. As everyone knows, IPS screen is outstanding in the display effect, as you can see, the AMPEA80 quad core 3G version of the picture color IPS screen over the natural balance, color saturation, full color, not good white or gray, color is also very accurate. Even in the strong light, still can be in detail and color to maximize the present, will be the perfect picture played most incisive. Gray square test, the last few ash lattice can also clearly show, color reproduction is good.








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