Ampe A80

When it comes to interesting, not only TV show "where" daddy go, the tablet market has the same flat A80 mobile phone, call the leading brand AMPE launched the latest quad core 3G version, ultra narrow 7.85 inch thin frame, not only great master hand, the screen is more expressive. At the same time to subvert the traditional entertainment experience, support 3G and 3G/2G call, the mobile phone panel and perfectly compatible, regardless of shape or application, can give the user more interesting experience, do not lose to the "where to go" Oh father. Go out in the outside, whether in the metro bus, or road, or the play process, always cannot leave the network, brush micro Bo, play games, chat QQ, or have a look the movie, listen to music to relax, is a good choice. Should high demand consumers always connected to the Internet, AMPE A80 quad core 3G version with the built-in 3G module American Qualcomm quad core processor, support the fast WCDMA 3G card, to realize the seamless integration in the wireless Internet technology. The user only needs to insert the card, you can successfully connect to the network, realize the true whenever and wherever possible and convenient Internet, then and boring "life without network" goodbye, unlimited fun. Just imagine, with a 7.85 inch flat call is not very high? AMPE A80 quad core 3G version supports 3G/2G calls and SMS, users can also like the mobile phone calls, text messages, the phone can single hand phone answering directly, also can use Bluetooth headset, not only convenient and practical communication function, more let where you are for the audience to focus, bloom the fashionable charm. Flat little function too monotonous, complete configuration can meet the comprehensive needs you. AMPE A80 quad core 3G version using dual camera design comparable professional SLR camera, front 1300000 pixel camera, post to 8000000 pixels rare, so you can record every moment in life; support 1080P ultra clear video decoding, and backward compatible with 720P video playback, kill all video formats, bring super shock visual feast. In addition, also supports Flash 11 and HTML5 double decoding, both online Webpage or online video can catch all in one draft, enjoy the fun of home theater.








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