Ampe A79

"AMPE A79 Quad 3G version " is a well-known digital brands AMPE recently launched the country's first 7.0 -inch quad-core 3G Tablet , AMPE love charm of Shenzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd own brand . The tablet in June 2013 officially released, is the first 7-inch quad-core tablet 3G version , using a Ampe A79 Qualcomm quad-core processor , a resolution of 1280 * 800 7 inch IPS screen , supports WCDMA 3G network card that supports Unicom 3G talk, Unicom / 2G mobile calls and text messaging capabilities , GPS navigation , Bluetooth , 1080P video decoding , rear 5000000 pixels, 30-megapixel front , the system aspect has Android 4.1, Android 4.2 system will be upgraded . 7.0 inches fuselage , four -core processor and 3G Internet / call undoubtedly AMPE A79 Quad-Core 3G version of the biggest bright spot. The tablet is equipped with a Qualcomm quad-core processor , a single core clocked at up to 1.2G; 7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800, viewing angles up to 178 °, richer colors , fine quality level more high ; support 3G/2G calls, text messages , and configure Bluetooth headset ; in call quality , the use of dual-microphone design, can suppress noise and echo, improve call quality. Supports WCDMA 3G network card, upload speeds of up to 5.76M, 7.2M download up simultaneously , AMPE A79 Quad-Core 3G version of the function is also more flagship . Andrews 4.1 system using the most perfect , the upcoming upgrade Android 4.2 system . Support GPS navigation ; support 1080P video decoding ; configuration 5MP rear camera ; built-in 3D , support for 3D games. In addition, to enhance the life functions, in particular the use of low -power design , reduce power consumption by 35%. AMPE A79 Quad-Core 3G version of the first built as a domestic 3G quad-core 7-inch tablet PC, it uses a quad-core processor Qualcomm eight lines , a single clocked at up to 1.2GHz, with world- class applications to ensure that whatever games or a variety of applications have the ability to respond speeding . The performance of the tablet is also very large balance , whether it is web browsing, large-scale 3D games can run or multi-tasking capability . And , AMPE A79 Quad-Core 3G version also built-in 3D acceleration, the perfect support for 3D gamesAmpe A79








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