PIPO M7Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2

M7pro excellent screen , touch sensitive , strong performance in the game have been well represented , while the 8.9 -inch screen is just the right size that makes this product to be the best game carrier , do not worry too much screen area underestimate the game is not fun , do not worry too much holding a tablet PIPO M7Pro too . Large-scale 3D games often need the corresponding data packet to run properly , the game runs on the tablet 's hardware requirements . M7pro used RK3188 chip for the 28nm process technology, quad-core CPU and quad-core GPU performance is strong , capable larger game runs . The 2G of DDR3 memory to run, run for M7pro relieve stress , let easily cope with. Dungeon Hunter 4 during operation , without any Caton phenomenon , games coherence very strong, dungeon scene switching nature, exciting fight scenes . In operation, allowing the player to enjoy the best gaming experience. Game Collection new story , a new RPG elements , a new mission and a new dungeon as a whole, with excellent graphics and fighting pleasure. M7pro excellent picture of the screen to make the game more attractive , Samsung PLS screen incorporates the latest technology developed by Samsung Electronics , display better . Game Dungeon scenes seem realistic , housing inside the pillars , the floor showing clear. The role player controls appear magnificent, the atmosphere of the game the player can drive . 1920x1200 high resolution , the screen display of sophistication better, the effects of the fight game can be a good performance . M7pro installed the game , the game install, load faster than the game will allow players anxiously waiting for the start page . This M7pro gaming performance and Andrews 4.2 system has an important relationship , the new Android 4.2 system is excellent and perfect, to further improve the tablet 's performance.

Dungeon Hunter 4 mainly through touch PIPO M7Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2operation to complete the task . Touch sensitive gaming , thanks M7pro features a 10 -point capacitive touch , responsive, precise positioning. Players control the game characters by sliding the left direction and the line, right click to select the appropriate weapon , an attack on the enemy . Operation , M7pro players can quickly identify and respond to operational requirements , very smooth clearance.








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