WIFI Cell Phone

It is understood that the Leshan Giant Buddha "smart area " is the 5A level scenic spots in the province , the first implementation of a comprehensive system into "smart area " , is designed to provide more services to music tourists , more conveniently scenic and tourist information timely exchange, to achieve "mobile tour Buddha ." The system There are three major functions: free "WiFi" open , two-dimensional code electronic self- guided tours , scenic peace and maritime management . Giant Buddha Scenic Area into the surrounding , will be able to search free WiFi signal , connect http://www.pandawill.com/mobile-phone-c1/wifi-cell-phone.html automatically play some videos, then you can free Internet access.

It is worth mentioning that, Leshan Giant Buddha "Wisdom area," and the general free "WiFi" different , the access into the area after the information platform , available at area food, housing , transportation, travel , shopping, entertainment and other information. System also has push function , into the area when the other major attractions , will be able to receive information on the content-based attractions for visitors to provide a great convenience . "I went to see the Leshan Giant Buddha there several times, but each time worry about getting lost , this time to listen to area staff said free 'WiFi' can provide visitors with scenic food, housing , transportation, travel , shopping, entertainment and other information I tried it . " one Kunming tourists told reporters," I think this system is set up quite well , not only for tourists faster, more intuitive understanding of the Leshan Giant Buddha 's basic information and features situation, and eat, live and other issues have been resolved , I would not come back next time with the group . "

In addition, the Leshan Giant Buddha "smart area " also uses two-dimensional code technology and intelligence platform, in the two-dimensional code every spots establish brand . Visitors can scan two-dimensional code through the phone , to keep abreast of attractions , sights stories , history, around the food, entertainment and other information. It is also the area of information technology to build a new platform for peace Buddha scenic area surveillance, maritime safety , multimedia terminals, electronic tickets , cloud shops and many other new technologies to use .








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