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Huawei's acquisition of other mobile phone manufacturers is unlikely. The first is the corporate culture, Huawei is not easy with other foreign companies especially rapid integration . Secondly, the acquisition is not in the consumer area of Huawei's established strategy . And just recently, Huawei's director Chen Lifang said at least five years, the company will not consider any significant acquisitions.

ZTE Huawei involved in the acquisition likely than larger ( but finite ) . ZTE has been hoping to enter the high-end mobile http://www.pandawill.com/5c-smartphone-android-42-mtk6572m-dual-core-40-inch-4gb-single-sim-card-yellow-p81955.html phone market, high profits , and resurgence of interest in the consumer market than Huawei . If you select an object cooperation in the field of high-end mobile phones , ZTE and HTC , it appeared to have more fit.

There is a millet . As valuations continue to rise, millet in the future there will be a big market funds , and has been in the low-end market positioning and millet and red rice phone, if you want to penetrate into the high-end , the acquisition is a possible choice .

There is also a potential proposition that ZTE and Huawei mobile phone business independence. Although there is not much news, but in the long run , this is indeed likely to happen. Huawei Terminal original model will be to operate a wholly-owned subsidiary , and later in the integration into one of three business BG . Subsequently, Huawei repeated rumors inside and outside the terminal especially for independent operation of the mobile phone business to re- discuss and expectations , on the one hand from Huawei toB corporate brand is not suitable for use in consumer marketing ( Huawei had some internal discussions for a new mobile phone business brand LOGO), in addition , from the company's culture, internal decision-making and resource coordination perspective, relative to the flexible consumer market , the establishment of an independent subsidiary seems to be a better choice.

For ZTE , they face similar situations and Huawei , ZTE executives have previously been disclosed on into a separate subsidiary will operate the mobile phone business considerations.








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