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According to reports, Honda is currently being developed technology called V2P (Vehicle-to-Pedestrian) communication system , its working principle is that when a pedestrian or moving from a parked car in front suddenly appeared in front of the driver safety systems will panel displays a warning signal. At the same time , pedestrians can also install the application via smartphone accepts warn . In this case , pedestrians and motorists to receive the appropriate information, can be dangerous for the surrounding make timely feedback, which will help to reduce both the likelihood of collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle based on the use , Honda also the alarm application systems used between vehicles . It is understood that Honda is currently actively developing the use of DSRC technology to alert drivers in their field of view other than motor vehicles, thus the formation of " cars and trucks " interaction . Meanwhile , Honda is also developing to avoid the application of automobile and motorcycle collided , that motorcycle driver's field of vision in the car , the driver can also be obtained through early warning collision warning. According to Honda introduces, at present V2P security system technology has entered the testing phase, in the next few years will be formally applied to production models . Recently, China Mobile in Beijing launched a comprehensive "4G mobile city first " campaign , once again set off a Chinese 4G LTE commercial market . Hearing this news, come to " early adopters " 4G is an endless stream of customers , want to see the 4G immersive style. However, due to the current Chinese 4G licenses not issued , buy 4G phones still can not directly experience the 4G network. Therefore, this event, China Mobile in the active site only two choices for consumers 4G phones , this, field staff explained: "This is just to let consumers experience , once licenses issued , we will there are more excellent 4G LTE product choices for consumers . " by consumers in the field of 4G experience cordoned area, showed a total of 5 products involved in sales of Samsung and Sony 's two older products . Related industry analysts also expressed : "4G licenses , although currently not yet determined the time of issuance , but has been associated communications equipment for the 4G licenses issued and warm ." In fact, with China 4G license issuance date approaching, the major manufacturers have already begun to step up investment and layout , hoping to catch the Chinese 4G "head shuttle ." More recently , as the industry pioneer in LTE HTC, it launched its first large-screen 4G LTE Mobile HTC One max. 4G licenses issued in China prior to release new 4G enough performance for 4G LTE HTC recognition and attention.








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