Ramos X10pro

X10pro for the first time on a tablet using the new MT8389 solution , ARM Cortex-A7 processor quad-core architecture , relying on the " four -core parallel processing " to achieve a web speed, the system simultaneously enhance fluency , whether it is online, or applications run , there are good performance. Blue Devils X10pro built-in GPU is PowerVR SGX544MP the 3D core , this series has been very common , including the full range of Apple iPad , and the latest generations of iPhone, Intel's mobile processor and Texas Instruments processor select all the built-in PowerVR Series GPU (3D graphics core ) , provides the industry's most outstanding 3D game compatibility . Blue Devils X10pro continue to use 7.85 -inch IPS wide viewing angle screen , this screen on a variety of products at home and abroad have good performance , and before the difference is that the Blue Devils X10pro By using MediaTEK processor comes with picture enhancement algorithms , thereby obtaining a better visual experience , which makes viewing pictures or movies when , X10pro have more the feeling of bright colors , fascinating. As a result of 28 -nanometer manufacturing process of the CPU, the CPU power consumption than the previous generation was reduced by about 40-50% , while the new four -core A7 architecture , is the power consumption is further reduced ( approximately 30% lower than the A9 ) , two superposition of energy-saving technologies , making the Blue Devils X10pro than the previous dual-core tablet more power. Measured from the media in the Blue Devils X10Pro adjust the brightness at 50 % for three consecutive bright screen and loud sounds in the case of local 720P HD video playback http://www.pandawill.com/ramos-x10pro-mtk8389-quad-core-tablet-pc-785-inch-hd-screen-android-42-3g-gps-monster-phone-16gb-bluetooth-silver-p80341.html battery life of up to eight hours , far exceeding the average of similar products 4,5 -hour standard , the real smooth play all day. Blue Magic 's first full-featured models , 3G, Bluetooth and GPS all built-in . Blue Devils X10pro completely built-in 3G module , support China Unicom 3G, 2G and mobile 2G, either call or high-speed Internet access, without any external equipment, but also through the built-in connecting a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth car kit , GPS, adding hardware , greatly expanded X10pro range of applications , including the need to use location-enabled social networking software and map navigation and other functions , the real full-function , can replace a variety of intelligent device.








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