Portable DVD Player

Today, a prominent feature of this era is the electronic products have emerged , often a hot selling products from the demise of the increasingly short intervals . As more and more people use iPad to play the game when watching a movie when you are busy working while this was not fit new things , sitting bored on the subway when I wanted to find something to pass the time to look bored , began to miss since childhood bully game consoles and home DVD? then modern HY-710 may be just for you designed a portable DVD device . Modern HY-710 is a set of DVD, USB, TV, games and other functions in one portable DVD, such products in the current high-definition equipment , whether it is MP4, iPad , etc. , when the occupation of sight as if some alien , but this a product can evoke childhood memories for many people , appearance , beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, piano paint like a starry sequin embellishment , oversized indicator allows the user to always know the drive running. 4 models beautiful colors, to provide users with more choices. Black and calm , but not greasy pink , gold and luxurious , white and fresh. Weighs only 0.3kg, 136.5 x 19 x 146.5 mm compact size , can be put into bags , computer bags , fashion hand bag. Performance , the Sony DRX-S77U burner supports 8X DVD + /-R, 8X DVD + RW, 6X DVD-RW, 5X DVD-RAM. Double-layer DVD discs can support 6X burn , burn CD-R and CD-RW speeds when compared to 24X. Burn time is http://www.pandawill.com/consumer-electronics-c248/portable-dvd-player-c409.html shorter for the pursuit of efficient and pragmatic young man saves a lot of time costs. In addition , DRX-S77U uses USB2.0 interface , plug and play , great user . It can be said that Sony generation "carry engraved " DRX-S77U sufficient to meet the mainstream business and entertainment applications. Expansion , the Sony DRX-S77U uses buffer underrun prevention technology to support Windows 7 and Mac operating systems , both of which deal with aspects of graphics has greatly improved . It can be said to meet the needs of various users , which is also reflected as a high quality optical storage products in the details of the heart .








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