Android TV Box

A few days ago , has been dragged on for a long time , "PPTV married " event, finally results : Suning to $ 370 million joint Hongyi heavily in the acquisition PPTV, Suning PPTV invested 250 million yuan to become the largest shareholder , shares accounted for 44%. Which is currently ranked fifth in the industry , with 190 million audience PPTV , is a very good news , with Suning this giant has a strong capital support , PPTV in the future of the " burn" of the road are more protected the . Until recently , PPTV released a box product , called PPBOX, which is the family living room PPTV new battleground in advance of the first shot , in the end this started an online video platform , developed the first hardware product performance how can No play its advantages in the video ? PPBOX the packaging is very simple, the whole body using a mysterious black box in the lower left and upper right corner of the front , there are two parallel lines of blue , and has been extended to the case of four weeks . In addition, only the upper left corner of the box PPBOX of the " dark mark ." PPBOX main function does not show on the box , the mysterious black packaging, seems to await the brave Quest . After opening the package , PPBOX continue to follow it in the box appearance style : simple, low-key . In addition to the host inside the box , the only one HDMI cable, a power adapter, a remote control and a manual, nothing else , accessories is not really rich, can only be good enough to describe, perhaps this is the only 299 yuan to sell one of the reasons for it . In PPBOX front , in addition to prominent white logo outside left with an infrared receiver position in the input . In the receiving warehouse next to a bunch of shows that the identity of the English : "SMART TV BOX DESIGNED BY PPLive", in fact, I think unless you are a big company like Apple , or the meaning of this sentence is not completely . Having the front part of the interface back to talk about it, in the interface section behind a total of seven interfaces, from left to right HDMI interface , audio interface, optical port , Ethernet port , OTG USB interfaces , HOST USB interface and power input interface. When there is a relatively new with a 3.5mm audio output interface , connected to what small multimedia speakers or subwoofer what will facilitate a lot .








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